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    Projects for children or Parents.....

    Hi Every body,
    Today I wish to say about the projects that are given to the kids. Now a days in school they give projects which are above their level. Where children are not able to do that. Actually when my son was studying in LKG , they had given him a science project " Modes of Transport", where he had to do all the model's of that transport. When I asked his teacher, whether the child will be able to do that. She said " You have to do for him". Similarly process continued for all classes. Even today he is getting the projects which are above their level. But now I partially do and partially just guide him to do because I want him to learn.
    Actually I feel the projects for the children should be given for their age level. I think when we were studying we had the same system. Our projects we only used do. But now clearly they say tell your parents to do and give.
    So I wish know the review of all.
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    Only on 20.08.2016, the following thread was raised in the forum section which won TOW prize also -

    Are schools overloading students with project work ?

    Raising another thread on a similar matter within a span to hardly 9 days is not likely to add much value to the forum section of ISC.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    This issue has been discussed time and again during the last fortnight. I am reiterating my comments in this regard. I feel that projects are sheer wastage of time, money and other resources. If a student attempts to do the project on his/her own, it is discouraged by majority of teachers and such student gets less mark compared to the students who get the projects done by others.
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    Yes, this kind of thread was discussed in the past but neither today nor that day the conclusion was made, I personally feel that this kind of burden on the children from the starting of his/her education career is not good for the children, it is like bad and worst pressure which are put on children mind every time from this the children will not learn they will only get pain and pressure in their mind, I don't know why the school head and teacher itself don't understand that this is really not good for the children mind. yes, getting prepared for the future from the childhood is good, but this is like preparing a 12th standard maths for the LKG students.
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    Tap into your kids' creative side with these easy projects that can be ... Turn an empty egg carton into a fabulous underwater family with this craft project for kids.

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