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    Suggestion for forum thread topics - check first if topic already discussed

    Lately we have been seeing a spate of forum threads on topics that are saturated. That is, such topics will have been already discussed in great detail and there is really nothing further that can be discussed about it. Examples of saturated topics: ego,public display of affection, specific topics on women such as the clothes they wear, school projects, etc. This applies to ISC-related topics too, such as raising a thread about locking of old threads (discussed ad nauseam!!).

    So what I suggest is that members first use the search box (located at the top, at the end of the blue band where the tabs of our various sections are). Type in the key words of the topic you wish to post and you may just find threads already on it. Even if a topic was raised much earlier and is not very recent, it makes no sense to post it again when it was already discussed at great length. In case you do find that there was a thread with just a few responses and some angle of it was not discussed, then it is Ok to go ahead and post a fresh thread on it. In such a case, it would be good to give a link to that earlier thread. That way, members will not raise the same aspects of the topic again and we will see the topic in a new light.

    It becomes very boring to see the same topics over and over and over again. Let's keep our forum fresh!
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    I fully support the point of view of ME.
    There are members who don't bother even to check the other threads on same/similar topics which are still in active mode and spirited discussions are going on the same.
    Even during festivals and other important events like Olympics, multiple threads are raised by different members more or less covering the same theme.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I fully support the views expressed by the Managing Editor. Nowadays, I notice that there are several common threads on particular issues. Before initiating new threads, we should check the earlier threads to ensure that the particular issue has not been discussed in recent time.
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    Creating a new topic always attracts the members to respond immediately and if stale and already discussed topics are raised again and again the interest to respond would go and there would be very few or nil responses to such threads. I always try to post new threads of public importance which can be useful for knowledge wise or enhancing the knowing ability.
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