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    The Uniform system helps to overcome the inferiority complex among the students- Agree or Disagree?

    If the students are allowed to wear color dresses then the dressing sense of the students from high class society will vary from the students of the lower income families. Because of the varying dressing codes, inferiority complex may rise in the minds of the students. Creating such type of complexes and discrimination among the students will not create a healthy learning environment. In order to reduce the inferiority complex among the students, the uniform system was introduced.

    Uniforms represent Unity and it has many benefits for students, parents and the Management. Wearing uniforms promotes unity among the students and it removes the discrimination between them. The uniform dressing code helps to reduce the negative thoughts in the minds of the students and it helps to incorporate many good and social values into the student's mind. Following a unique dressing code creates self-discipline among the students. The uniform system brings a positive thought among the students that "All are same under one roof".

    Does the uniform system help to overcome the inferiority complex among the students?

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    Uniform dresses do help in evaporating the 'wealth class' differences and distinctions. Even during the independence movement, all political leaders and the freedom fighters used to wear white 'khadi' (homespun cloth) dresses. It is, however, a different story that few wealthy political leaders used to travel in cars and others on foot or bicycle as the case may be.

    Nowadays, though uniforms in schools exist but depending upon the level or standard of the school, the design and quality of cloth vary. In many high-end corporate hospitals, the dress of the nurses has on longer remained the plain white one. In television serials also, we see very fashionable and designer kind of uniforms for different classes of people.

    However, it is a fact that the primary reason for the introduction of the uniform dress code in the schools has been to remove the class barrier and salvage the students from the poorer families from the ocean of inferiority complexes.

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    Knowledge cannot be achieved in a stressful environment. The main philosophy behind the uniform dress is remove the barrier among the pupils receiving education. Such a calm posture would go a long way in nurturing their skills. At least the areas where pupils gain knowledge should be regarded as the temples and where the purity of the soul is the ultimate aim in receiving the education. Uniform dress code would eliminate the inferiority complex of the aspirants which otherwise could have prevailed. Keeping the same ideology in view, the dress code has come into existence.

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    Yes the reasons for introducing Uniform dress code is to keep the ego at bay as the rich students of any family would always dress up in colorful outfit and also comes with costly dress. This may bring lots of difference among the fellow students and that is the reason the schools have been asked to follow the uniform code and that also gets the recognition of particular school. When students are participating in Independence day or Republic day parade, surely their school is identified with the Uniform and every student takes pride to wear the uniform of their school.
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    Wearing of uniforms promotes unity among the students hence removes the discrimination and the feeling of inferiority among them. Does the uniform system help to overcome the inferiority complex among the students?
    answer is yes. Uniform system helps in overcome the inferiority complex among the students. It also prevents in identifying the rich and the poor students. If uniform is not there, riches people wards will wear expensive cloths and the poor will wear cheaper than uniform clothes.Which will result in inferiority complex among the students.

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