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    How much time generally people spend in taking dinner and what it reflects?

    I am deliberately not talking about the time spent in taking breakfast as most of the working class people remain in a hurry to rush to catch the public transport for reaching their respective workplaces.

    The same applies in the case of lunch also as generally on weekends only, the working class people find time to take lunch properly with the family.

    However, the basic point is that how much time should be spent in taking meals. Few finish the meals in less than 10 minutes while others spend hours together in leisurely munching each morsel of the meal without any tension or stress.

    It has always been advised to chew the meals properly before gulping it down. The time taken by the individuals in meals reveals so much about their personality attributes and attitudes also.

    How much time generally people spend in taking dinner and what it reflects?
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    Personally I don't take much time to complete my meals, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. I know that this is not correct from health point of view, but I am habituated to finish my meal very quickly since my student days. So, in our case, dinner-time discussion is not held.
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    What should be the average ideal time for taking meals in normal course at home?
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    If the items are kept ready on the dining table and all the members of the family are present at the dining table, I think 10 minutes is enough for every one to finish their dinner if there is no disturbance or discussion in between the intake. But during dinner time we find all the family members at one place and naturally the discussion takes place regarding the days happening and challenging situations that were faced. In that process the dinner prolongs beyond half an hour. What in our religion was told that, if we sit for the dinner, the hands should not go dry and before that we should finish the dinner fast. More over before elders sitting for the dinner, the children should be fed first and they should not be allowed to sit with the elders for dinner. If the children are made to sit at the dining table, more attention will be on them and the dinner would be shabby and the eating would be disturbed.
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    I doubt whether it would be possible to fix a general time for finishing your dinner. Other than the difference in speed with which one consumes his food, there are so many other factors like the type of food one is taking, whether each item is laid out prior to being on the table or is it to be cooked after one sits on the table, the number of members in the family and their eating habits and so many other factors which will decide how much time one would take to finish his dinner.
    The author need to understand that things like these are more or less individual in nature and cannot be generalized; how about asking how much time would one generally take to complete his bath?

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    Yeah I was seeing the program of Ramdev baba on aastha channel yesterday and he was too advising the people to eat slowly slowly because he was saying that eating the food fast is not good for the health, it can cause many diseases and occur many problem in our body one of them is constipation and its also weaken our intestine, so he was saying the people to eat slowly so that the saliva mixes with food and goes down perfectly in our stomach, I think people get at least 30 minutes to eat, actually we are eating the food not going for the war.
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    #577357 - The time of dinner as well the time taken in dinner are very important from the health point of view. It is believed that taking dinner at around 7 PM is better compared to taking dinner at very late hours. Similarly, spending sufficient time in properly chewing the food without hurrying is also important. There is no comparison between the time taken for dinner and time taken in a bath.
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