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    New reward program - Topic Based Discussion Thread (TBDT) contest

    We are trying out a new topic-based forum contest called Topic Based Discussion Thread (TBDT) contest. The admin. will give a topic for one of the editors to organize, the topic being selected for the purpose of generating good traffic to the forum.

    This will be different from the active GD in the sense that in the GD you generally put forth your view and you have to support your stand or give your views supporting/opposing some other participant's stand. You are thus debating both sides of a coin. In a TBDT, you will be expressing your views without the necessity to prove your stand and can discuss different aspects of it. Like in the GD though, we will give cash awards (the amount to be decided upon later) to a few participants who discuss the topic well.

    We may develop this idea in some other way in the future or re-name it later.

    You are welcome to post queries and give feedback in this thread.

    Participate in the TBDT announced today: TBDT - why students go abroad to study.
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    Should there be only one response containing all the elements i.e. reasons, opinions, analytical & statistical data and conclusion or there can be multiple responses covering various aspects of the topics individually or all together or in various combinations and permutations.
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    Since it is a discussion, naturally we do not expect a mini-article in one response. Participants can give multiple responses either on one aspect or on various aspects. One single aspect can also have various sub-aspects to it!
    Managing Editor,

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    Is that mean we are going to discuss the issue already raised and by giving relevant links we are further going to discuss the same point in detail. Is that what I mean from this.
    K Mohan
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    A confusing reward programme. What is the key difference between an actve GD and TBDT. Is it a regular weekly thread to discuss? Explain it in detal, please.

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    In this discussion program participating members will be giving the views on the question being asked and won't be debating as to whether students should go abroad to study or not which would be the case in a GD. To put it more simply, the topic for discussion this week is 'why should students go abroad to study' and all the points to be brought out by the members will be an answer to 'why' only while if it was a GD the question would have been 'should students go abroad to study' which would give scope for discussing 'why and why not' ; I think that is one of the main difference.
    Vandana ma'am has left options open for improvement in the TBDT in the coming days and so valuable opinions/ suggestions are most welcome.

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    I am sharing here what I could understand so far with a view to know more about the subject matter or getting corrected, if necessary.

    It has been realized that the importance and significance of the forum section is much more than what it was perceived to be in the past. However, the quality, standard and level of discussions is required to be raised. With a view to encourage above 'Topic Based Discussion Thread (TBDT) contest' program has been launched without affecting the usual threads of general nature and discussions on the same.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Your response is entirely different and contradicts Vandana's explanation. Two different thoughts from two different editors. Wish to hear from Vandana the author of this thread. Saji is further confusing with a different explanation.

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    Well I don't know about other members but I am little confused because I think that the difference between GD and TBDT has a thin line and that thin line I cannot distinguish it properly, can the editor explain it more clearly so that I can get it right and express my thinking more clearly.
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    Mr Sun #577216, just read the thread and my view properly and you will understand that both of us had meant the same. There is no contradiction.
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    Let's simplify the matter. This new contest should be taken as weekly GD where every participant would put forward his/her own views. The only difference with the GD would be no participant would contest others' views, he/she would supplement or add new points of view.

    Is my interpretation correct?

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    Contradictions and discussions apart, I would indeed welcome the contest. It would give us the in demand topics to discuss. As normal authors and members, we may not be able to choose proper topics that are capable of bringing more traffic to the site. Now, since webmasters/team would be choosing the topic, we would be aiding the site in getting better traffic.
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    Is this TBDT contest require counter arguments or one can write their own views without contradicting to the others views. Is it enough to give answers to the questions put forth in the contest announced?

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    This will not necessarily be a weekly or monthly contest. Whenever any topic comes up that is worth discussing, the Webmasters will inform us.

    You can check the ongoing TBDT and see how members are responding - it is going along quite well. You don't need to counter-react to anything, just air your views and discuss various aspects of the topic given just as you would for an article on the topic.

    Managing Editor,

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    Why there is no good understanding but only misunderstanding about TBDT between two ISC Editors? You say that there won't be TBDT on weekly or monthly basis. Whereas, Editor Saji says vide his# 577212 "To put it more simply, the topic for discussion this week is 'why should students go abroad to study'"

    What is your good comment on this contradicting statements from you and Saji? Was it right for an Editor to overrule the Managing Editor and the author of this thread?

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    Mr Sun at #577346, I am sorry for that typo error. The word 'should' was inserted by mistake. One can clearly make that out but you preferred to quote that portion only without referring to what I have said in total. So be it!
    Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad - Miles Kington.

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    My doubt is not about the word should.It is about the use of word week which is contrary to Vandana's explanation. I would suggest you not to respond while the author of this thread ME is the right person to deal with queries of her own baby thread.

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    One major difference in the Active GDs and TBDT will be that in the cases of active GDs few members who have no real knowledge or experience about the subject matter or topic of the thread, also 'chip in' on the strength of their argumentative capabilities. They pick a cue from the responses posted by the other members and post a counter response. However, in TBDT threads such authors may not find any place as they have to submit their own original contribution.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    With the intention of Mr Sun becoming clear, I am out of this discussion but would like to say that 'the reminder by him that the author of the thread should be allowed to come up with due explanations' has been registered and noted for all purposes.
    Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad - Miles Kington.

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    I honestly cannot fathom why you love to quibble over words and create issues out of thin air. I do not think Saji said anything contradictory as such and there is no misunderstanding between us. The misunderstanding lies at your doorstep, with you not understanding what we are understanding very clearly since we do discuss with the Webmasters & all the editors beforehand a contest's aspects so as not to create any misunderstanding in the first place.

    Saji used the words 'this week' to imply that the current contest is of this week. I clarified that the contest may "not necessarily be a weekly". The key words here is 'not necessarily' This simply means in plain simple English that it is possible that we may or may not announce one next week /subsequent weeks if the Webmasters come up/don't come up (as the case may be) with a topic which would be great to generate traffic .

    As I also said, we will check out the initial contest & develop on this type , making any changes if required for future such contests.

    Hope you have got more clarity now as I really do not know what simpler English I can use to clear your misunderstanding.

    Managing Editor,

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    Saji should not have used the phrase "the topic to discuss in this week". He should have simply said " the TBDT posted for discussion now is....
    Thus the TBDT has become a weekly topic for discussion. This is what my understanding as well as misunderstanding.
    I have nothing to else to say.

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    I chanced to see this thread now only.

    Let us see how the outcome of the first TBDT and then decide on further.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    I have just seen the announcement of winners in this first contest of TBDT.
    The price money is good compared to the efforts and waiting time. It is specially helpful for those who have not much expertise in selecting good topics or SEO keywords and tiles. There is also not much necessity of prolonged arguments and justifications and can be restricted to just ne o two posts also.

    I welcome more TBDT contests.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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