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    Parents: inculcate values in a uniform manner!

    Values go a long way in making or breaking a person's career! One important function of parenting is inculcating values. Parents contributes the most in this integral growing up function of the child.

    Parenting is not an easy job! It involves lots of responsibility and accountability. Every parent wants to being up their children to become good individuals and responsible citizens.
    There is no standard set of formulae to bring up children and inculcate values effectively. Parenting is always a first time job, and is learnt on the go and with valuable advice from all quarters like parents, in laws, elderly relatives, siblings and cousins who are also parents, friends and from the online, visual and print media.

    Don't you think that child will inculcate values effectively if parents can align their value system and inculcate values in a uniform manner?
    I feel that this uniformity is very important . ISCians: do share your opinion?
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    I have a small suggestion. The word 'uniform' takes the article 'a' and not 'an'. It should be 'a uniform' and not 'an uniform'.
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    Yes I too agree with the author that parents must inculcate the basic habits and values of life slowly to the small kids and they should not expect the little child to understand everything on same day. Some parents are over confidence about their child and want to teach even the secrecy of adults to the child and thus they are cornered in front of others as the children are bound to expose parents when others tease them and ask them how the parents are treating her. So teaching important values of the life must be systematic and step by step and it should never over take the age of the child.
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    Kalyani: Thanks a lot for the suggesiton. Even I was in two minds.
    Autograph your work with excellence!

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    It is perhaps not possible to inculcate uniform values to all the children by their parents primarily because the parents themselves have different sets of values as taught to them by their own parents. It may be possible only when the children are produced on a mass scale in a factory like set up and incubated/raised like chicks.

    Even in schools where a number of children assemble, it becomes difficult to impart to all of them same or similar values because of their diverse backgrounds. When such children return back to their home and the surroundings after attending or passing the time in the school, they revert back to their original forms or formats.

    A child raised in a hutment located in the slum area is bound to have different values than the child who is raised in a posh locality. The morals get redefined according to the circumstances also. I believe that even a very religious minded individual may opt of eating a fruit by plucking the same from others tree without permission in case he/she is hungry since many days.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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