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    In a community gathering while having lunch or dinner would you finish fast and get up ?

    When ever you are participating in a community gathering which is followed by lunch or dinner, care must be taken that we should not hurry while eating or finish the eating before others does and you are eager to get up and wash the hands before even others are still eating. This behavior of yours is closely watched by the relatives and other elders who can pass remarks on you in front of others and thus you obviously get upset. What is your thinking. Do you wait for others to finish their eating or exercise your right to get up and wash the hands ?
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    This some what better but I hate a thing that many persons just for formality they attend the function and go away without taking lunch or dinner by telling 'no time' or some reason. A relative of mine used to visit every function from outstation to Chennai but never sit in the hall for more than one hour,immediately he return to his place by catching train. This will make cumbersome in the side of people arranging the function as they would have planned for certain number of people and if the nearing number not reached the disposing of excess food is very head ache. If there is some unknown hindrances like hartal, continuous rainfall etc., it is alright but if the people are coming and just going means it is really intolerable. We have to think the organizing people's difficulty also besides our situation.

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    There had been much change in the society since then. Earlier generally there used to be a close-knit group of friends and relatives and they used to assemble periodically in different functions. The whole affair used to be very stereotype or mechanical in nature. With the change in time, the people have become busier and don't have that much time as they used to have in the past.

    Therefore generally in larger groups, buffet system has become popular and people take their meals as per their convenience. Though even in the buffet system, it is expected that the host will attend the VIP guests and at least spend some time with them while they are taking meals. But gradually even, that is not expected from the host. The educated people understand the situation that the host is likely to be busy and themselves tell the host to focus on his duties and responsibility of the day and make it convenient to take the meals themselves.

    The time has gone when the people used to wait for others to finish the meal in a community feast.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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