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    Is Government school uniform of our children making us to look down upon?

    There could be many reasons for not sending our children to Government schools. It could be lack of quality education, lack of infrastructural facilities, not having confidence in Government teachers, etc. Parents send their children to private schools so that they can become Government teachers but they don't want the teachers to teach to somebody.

    Most of the time, we compete with our neighbors and relatives. Whatever they do, we try to imitate them and try to show that we are no less than others. In many discussions, we support for the view that we should send our children to Government schools. In reality also, we don't want to spend too much money on education of our children and for this Government schools are the best. But we don't do it after seeing the school uniforms of the children of our neighbors and relatives. We think that if they see our children in Government school uniforms, they can easily estimate our social status. Is color of Government school uniform one of the reason for not sending our children to Government schools? What is your opinion on it?

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    I wont agree with the author. The school uniforms at the government has also changed and looks like a private school outfit and gone are the days when we used to wear Kakhi shirt and Khakhi trouser. Surely when were studying in government schools. the competition from private school was nil and the studies at our school were also good. I feel that from the year 1980 a sweeping change has come in the Education field and soon we could see many new primary and high schools from private people started appearing and many are still functioning even today. So not the uniform mattered to us, but the standard of government school was not comparable or compatible with that of private schools. More over in those days who ever completed 10th class got chance of government jobs and there was a system of registering with employment exchange and many got jobs in private companies and government at the early age.
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    Mohan sir, whatever may be the color of uniform, can't people recognize it as Government school uniform?
    I have also mentioned many reasons for people not sending their children to Government schools. My question is whether the Government school uniform is displaying our social status or not.

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    Even in the Government schools, there are classes and divisions. The situation in a Central School located in the army cantonment area or within a PSU compound is different that that of a Government school situated in a rural area where the children of the nearby villages study. In many Government schools located in posh localities, the condition of dresses, discipline and quality of education is superior to many private schools as the private schools also belong to different categories.

    In general, the observation of the author of the thread is correct. The school dress of the child reveals that he/she is a student of a Government school which reflects upon the financial status of the parents and affects their social status in the surroundings.

    Nowadays, the children's school has also become one of the status symbols like the make and model of the car one owns or the area in square meters of the plot owned by the individuals.

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    Here, I want to mention that I am not talking about Central schools or Military schools but the schools run by local Governments.

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    It is our own opinion all the students are could be same so not show our partiality behalf to our students

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    I would not agree with the author.all the govt schools are not bad.Even the govt IITs, IIMs, government medical colleges are more reputed than any private college.
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