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    How patience we are ? Here is the natural check list

    When you closely observe the behavioral pattern of the public and close friends , you come to know that we really loose patience at some places though we know that at particular place there cannot be easy going and we have to wait for our turn.

    At the Cinema theater when there is a big queue and the seats are limited- we try to loose our patience.

    At the traffic signals when the vehicle standing in front of us wont move and develops snag and we get impatient.

    At the Railway Reservation counter where in many came for Tatkal booking and the time is running out- you loose patient

    When we go the barber for urgent cutting and shaving and find whole lots of persons waiting already- and we become impatient.

    Members can join their woes of impatient in this list.
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    Even the patients become impatient while waiting for their turn in the doctor's waiting area. People want to get VIP treatment even for medical treatment also. That way, I have found the people of Mumbai most patient while waiting in a queue for their turn as it has become a part of the culture there. At Mumbai, people stand in a queue even for using the washroom. There was one mutton shop in my neighbourhood in Mumbai and on Sunday morning there used to a very long queue of people for buying mutton.

    Despite the fact that many services like paying bills, buying railway tickets, withdrawing cash from the banks etc. have become easier because of the introduction of internet banking, credit/debit cards and ATMs etc., still due to ever increasing population, people have to stand in a queue for availing many services.

    People lose patience because generally due to laziness or procrastination, they don't take action well in advance and try to get the things done at the eleventh hour.

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