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    Should there be a compulsory uniform for the college going students ?

    As now a day, we usually get to see the students of college, who is doing their graduation or master degree wear a simple or fancy dress, and some of them wear such a tight jeans, which becomes uneasy for them to concentrate upon their studies. And there are also some students who don't like to sit near their poor friend just because they don't wear fancy type of dress, in one way it cause discrimination feelings in students, well personally I think that college going student should wear a uniform, so that it occurs a equality feelings in all.
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    As far as I know, there are no rules regarding wearing a uniform in colleges and universities etc. I remember that in Maharashtra the students of engineering and pharmacy colleges etc. used to wear a uniform. Later complaints were made by several students and their parents to the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) of Maharashtra alleging that the colleges are forcing the students/parents to buy dresses from some particular shops only. Then it came to light that the DTE has not framed any rules regarding compulsory uniform for college students.

    However, in schools uniform is compulsory. Not only the color or design of the dresses, there are other important aspects also like wearing shoe instead of chappals. Many schools require students to wear ties also. The Muslim girls can wear the 'burka' ( veil )and Sikh boys a turban in addition to the uniform. Hairs have to be cut short and properly combed. Long hairs of the girls have to be tied in braids.

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    The topic itself has been raised many times on ISC and everywhere, but we have never reached to a conclusion for the same. As far as I think, my thinking itself is not clear about the same...

    At once, I think that they must wear uniform while going to the college as uniform brings the sense of uniformity among the students, which is much required in the college. With uniforms made compulsory, it may keep reminding individuals that they are students and they do owe some manner and responsibility for their college. It contributes to the overall discipline. Whether a student comes from a poor family that can hardly manage his/her college fee or s/he is from a more than rich family who has more than enough to show off, a compulsory norm for uniform can save the poor from inferiority complex and stop the rich from showing off. It is evident that a student from a poor family may not be able to arrange 30 different clothes to wear throughout the month. In most cases, he may find it difficult to manage 6 different set of dresses to wear for a week. Such things should not matter in college and a simple rule for uniform that can help a lot.

    On the other hand, I wonder if that is really so necessary today or not. Our main motive to visit colleges is to complete our studies and the color of clothes simply should not matter there. In fact, the students must be given entry into the college no matter how s/he is dressed. I guess, if someone has worn clothes properly, that should be all enough. Also, some colleges do not allow students into the college after a certain time. Even that rule needs to be removed. As students, we should be guided by our mentors but at the same time, left free and open to prepare ourselves in whatever way we feel comfortable. Sometimes, we may study all night long and may not be able to put on clothes properly in the morning. In the same race against time, we may even fail to reach colleges at time. But still we should be allowed to go there, no matter how we are dressed and should be left free so we can study with a free and focused mind. Only that maybe the most important.
    Not all students who cannot dress well are bad students.

    As you may have got the picture by now, I see to this debate as two of my opposite personalities and all they want is justice for both of them. And in the same confusion, my mind often concludes that no more debates or arguments should be made on this topic. Students are there to study and if they are doing that thing well, all other things should not be over-discussed or over-debated.

    Ank Arya

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    College students compare their dressing style which creates an inferiority complex among students. A compulsory dress code will not only create a feeling of equality but also ... Dress code does not necessarily mean college uniform.

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    I agree with the author that college going student should wear a uniform, so that it occurs a equality feelings in all. which binds the students together. there should be compulsory dress for colleges.
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    What i feel that after the hectic 10 years school life which is considered to be stereotype living for the students, they will be eagerly waiting for the college life, as they can dispense with carrying whole lots of books, wear varied type of dress much to the impression of others and above all they can change their attitude which was otherwise normal during school days. Given this circumstances, no college student would like to wear uniform again and be those to sport as same like in school life. By the way college studies defines a student and his style statement is reflected through the dressing sense.
    K Mohan
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    I would say uniform should not be bought into college. Uniform is for kids, who don't know the difference between rich,poor,stylish,plain etc..; because they shouldn't be concerned about these. Whereas when you grow up it becomes essential for you to understand the vices and differences in the world. That is the reason why colleges don't stress upon wearing a uniform.
    Moreover when we wear our formal attire every day we achieve a sense of maturity and responsibility, that cannot be attained by a uniform.
    So say no to uniforms.

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