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    Why do devotees proceeding on a pilgrimage to Sabari hill wear Uniform clothes?

    The Ayyappa devotees proceeding to Sabari hills are required to wear uniform clothes, preferably the black colour dhoti, towel and other clothes including their carry bag. They start wearing their uniform as and when they start their fast. Also there are many other temple shrines in India where the devotees use a particular colour clothes to visit.

    Why this is so? Did the God or the reigning deity of that temple wants its devotees to wear uniform to visit them and offer their prayers? Is it a discipline or respect or something else?

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    What I understand from the Sabarimala Pilgrims black clothes uniform that , black is the way of protest or discard color and those who want to discard the bad things or habit in him during the 42 days mandalam wear that attire and that signifies that he has repented from his past sins and wants the Lord Ayyappa to pardon him through his deep penance.
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    Generally, wearing uniform distinguishes the group from the rest of the people. They get a distinct identity and can be easily spotted or identified. There had always been a sort of uniform code for priests in temples. Wearing a 'tilak' on the forehead was also a part of the dress code besides their yellow , red or 'gerua' (ochre or orange) 'dhoti' etc.

    As a matter of fact, different designs of the 'tilaks' got developed over a period of time in different regions and religious sects. To me, sometimes such fancy designs of the 'tilaks' appear to be like a fashion statement.

    In the past, the unfortunate widows were also supposed to wear a kind of uniform i.e. simple white clothes with shorn head and abstinence from all kinds of make-up etc.

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    When we do lord Hanuman puja, we Hindu usually wear saffron colour clothes, in respect to our god favourite choice of colour. In this we wear saffron colour clothes because here our god Hanuman loves saffron colour the most because as he is also a devotee of god Ram and just because of him he love saffron colour because Hanuman thinks that by wearing saffron colour clothes his own god Ram becomes happy in the similar way we wear saffron colour clothes in respect of god Hanuman happiness, because if we wear saffron colour clothes then his god Ram will become happy and if he will become happy then Hanuman will become happy. I don't know about other religion but I know that in our religion we wear special uniform in our god puja because that particular colour is their favourite colour.
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