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    What if we were all created uniform?

    "I don't believe we were all put in her with all of our differences to conform to a uniform state of mind"-Sonya Teclai,music artist.
    We have all been gifted with diverse mentalities, thoughts, stimuli and sophisticated personalities.It is because of this that there is so much creativity, diversity and hidden talent in each and everyone of us.This is a big advantage to those who can stand out from the crowd and polish their personality whereas those who can't achieve this blur into the background. Its a fact of life.
    Now,coming to the topic uniform.If we were all created in a uniform manner in terms of thinking,personality,nature and talent,this world would not be interesting!
    Yet, it would a very good place where there would be no social issues, financial crisis,poverty,racism, gender inequality, favourtism, bribing and all the evil that plagues our societies nowadays! Give it a thought,dear members and post your non- uniform thoughts..
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    Wow what a creative thought emanating from the author and I just cant imagine a situation where in all of us created in same uniform and surely there would be nothing to enjoy or comment even.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    As far as we Indians are concerned, perhaps the best uniformity may be a casteless society. The caste system exists nowhere in the world the way it exists in India. It has been given such a high importance that even constitutional provisionals have been made for reservations in jobs and college/university admission. How, we can talk about uniformity in the society with the prevailing caste based divisions and distinctions.

    There had always been different classes in the society based on the economic conditions or financial status of the individuals, but according special status on the basis of caste is unique to India only. A uniform society or nation will continue to remain a utopia as long as the caste system prevails.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There would be uniform governance,no caste distinction,same job opportunities,same salary,no difference in behaviour due to religion and no caste, sect or colour based discrimination.Yes indeed, this world would be a very content and happy place without any place for evil thoughts,greed,jealousy,crime .
    "If things go wrong, don’t go with them"

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    #577260 - Providing same jobs opportunities and same salaries to all the individuals uniformly is apprehended with the possibility of people becoming laidback. Then perhaps people will not burn the midnight oil to crack JEE, CAT or civil services examination.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is an imaginary thought, there can not be uniform societies or individuals. diversity is the essence and life of societies.#577249 Author: Kailash Kumar talked about caste less society. What about class less societies? In olden days caste was the basis of division of labour. Even today we can not think any organisation or society without the principle division of labour/work.
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