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    A uniform that brings proud, courage and patriotism among every person who wears it

    The uniform that brings so many attributes in a person together who wears it, this uniform is a uniform of a soldier.
    Showing uniformity and unity among soldiers throughout the nation of various cast, creed and religions simaltaneously it also differntiates and make a person wearing this seems above and more patriotic from normal crowd.
    Once a person wears this uniform it gives a new meaning and aim to his life. Whenever I see a desire of wearing this uniform among youth of this country it makes me more happier and proud.
    The uniformity which military and its uniform signifies in our country is the best example of Indian heritage and culture of "uniformity in diversity".
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    I do agree that nothing can beat the uniform of a soldier and that not only brings self esteem but gives lots of inner satisfaction of guarding the country with pride and we the people salute every soldier in uniform.
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    We can see our proud soldiers marching in the Republic Day parade wearing different kinds of dresses or uniforms. It is said that after wearing uniform of the organization, the individuals gets totally transformed and is filled with the pride of the organization for which his works.

    The history of Indian military uniforms is very colorful. The modern military uniforms were introduced after arrival of Europeans in India. Prior to that wearing various types of headgears like turbans and sporting mustache was a part of the dresses of the soldiers.

    Like the military, the other forces e.g. the paramilitary forces, police and other security forces also have their own colorful uniforms including headgears and other accessories and generally their ceremonial uniforms are more colorful than the normal uniforms.

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    The author of the thread is restricting uniform to military only. Uniform has broad and vast meaning. it may be school dress, company dress, police uniform, PT dress, nurses dress, laborers dress. uniform inculcates discipline, cohesion
    team spirit, brotherhood, self- confidence and pride,

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    Uniform is being used by Nurses, in some cases Doctors, Police, other Armed Forces personnel, school-children, Fire Service personnel, Security Guards, Civil Defence volunteers, etc. So, uniform should not be associated with Military only.
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    In response to # 577612 and #577615 I did not mentioned anywhere that uniform is only for military or only military uniform is the one to signify the unitormity.
    I think the in the compettion editors has left this decision to author what kind of uniform a author describes.
    For me and its my personal point of view the best uniform I condider is the uniform of military.
    The choice of uniform a person desire to wear may vary person to person but the values and meanings remains same everywhere which signifies unifotmity and unity.

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