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    Lord Ganesha partook the Prasad!

    The Puja was over. In the beautiful pandal, the priest started calling all the assembled devotees to have the Prasad. But barring a very few, other devotees seemed to be more interested in clicking photos and selfies with the film-stars and tele-stars, who were present.

    The co-operative housing society was located at Versova in Mumbai. The price of the society flats was exorbitantly high and beyond the capacity of common people. So, no common man stays there. Politicians, film-stars, tele-stars and other high & mighties live in the well-managed society. The society duplex flats were magnificently maintained with beautifully manicured lawns, big gardens and other amenities of life.

    The gates of the Versova housing society generally remain closed to the outsiders. However, on some very special occasions, the gates of the society were opened for only a few hours to allow the entry of neigbouring people. Today was one such occasion. The gates had been opened for two hours or so to allow the commoners to have a look to the Lord Ganesha idol, the pandal, decorations and electrical jugglery inside the society. But their movements were strictly monitored.

    By the time the priest completed the Puja and called the devotees for the Prasad of Lord Ganesha's favourite sweet of 'modak', the commoners had left. Only a small boy accidentally remained inside the society premises, perhaps due to slackness of the security guards. The boy from the 'Koli' community was not normal, his face was distorted at one side, his belly was bloated. His skin was shiny. The boy had been suffering from Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM).

    While the residents of the housing society were busy in clicking selfies with the film-stars, the small boy looked towards the Prasad. His eager eyes could not wait! Hesitatingly, the boy started moving towards the dais. Astonishingly, nobody noticed him even then, except one. The priest saw the boy started moving towards the dais.

    Despite repeated calling over the microphone, very few assembled residents were eager to have the Prasad. After repeated calling, the residents somehow came to have the Prasad from the priest, but they took only a few morsels from the 'modaks'. Gradually they all left to enjoy the company of film-stars.

    The young boy silently started moving towards the priest. The priest saw him, smiled at him and gave the left-over modaks to the boy. The number of modaks was considerable. The boy couldn't believe his eyes. All the modaks were for him only!

    The priest told the boy: "Please take all the modaks. These are for you only." The boy started eating the modaks eagerly. The priest was happy. He could distinctly see Lord Ganesha Himself taking His favourite modaks in the guise of a small boy with distorted face. The priest looked at the deity. Lord Ganesha, the deity, seemed to be smiling and enjoying the little boy eating the modaks.

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    Religion is a matter of faith and belief. One may see God in any creature or object. The concept of God Ganesha in Hinduism is unique in the sense that it symbolises the harmony between humans and animals. Hinduism has always found divinity in natural powers like ocean, rains, sun, moon, rivers, air or even in various plants and animals. The Hindus treat many trees and plants, which have beneficial effects for the humans, as holy and worship them.

    The story created by the author as a contest entry has many elements of realities of the modern society. In Mumbai, the various Ganeshotsava pandals vie with each other and attract many VIPs and celebrities including the Bollywood personalities. It has become more like a mega festival like events than a religious celebration. All modern security gadgets and forces are deployed to protect the offerings. The God is treated like a VVIP like His few chosen celebrity devotees.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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