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    If Donald Trump wins then it would be thumps up for Terror activities in US opines ISIS

    We all know that Republican Party nominee for President Donald Trump is making various moves and speeches to get him highlighted in social media and also in television in a run up to US Presidential election against Hillary Clinton. His loose talks against the Muslim community has earned the wrath of many and now ISIS feels that if Trump wins the election, it would be safe passage for ISIS into US and it is known fact that Trump lacks administrative experience and hence ISIS is very confident of their win win situation if Republican party nominee wins. Any comment ?
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    I would like to offer two comments, not one. The first is, let us focus on our internal problems like Kashmir issue and the penetration of the terrorists in all walks of life gradually. It is true that we cannot keep ourselves aloof from rest of the world as no nation can prosper or even survive without interactions with the other countries in the form of trade and such other bilateral cooperation.

    The second point is that, to me, it appears that the wealthy Donald Trump is not a serious contender and not a better candidate also compared to the learned lady Hillary Clinton with a rich administrative experience.

    Regarding ISIS, only time will tell. I don't think that the US is a weak nation which will allow the terrorist outfits to take over it. The President, despite being the highest authority of US, can not function in a fully autocratic manner, putting the countries interests to a ransom.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Unlike many others, I do support Donald Trump in the presidential race of the USA. Compared to indecisive Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump is expected to take hard decision to wipe out, or at least control terrorism for the world.
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