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    After Bengal, will there be a demand from the people of other states also to rename their states?

    The West Bengal assembly has adopted the resolution to change the state's name as 'Bangla' in Bengali, 'Bengal' in English and 'Bangal' in Hindi. However, a constitutional amendment is required to put the final seal on the rechristening.

    The state of Bengal was divided into two parts - the East Bengal and the West Bengal at the time of partition. The East Bengal became East Pakistan which subsequently became Bangladesh in the year 1971 after the liberation of the East Pakistan.

    Punjab was also divided into two parts at the time of partition but both the countries India and Pakistan preferred to name their respective parts of Punjab as 'Punjab' only instead of as East Punjab and West Punjab.

    The name 'West Bengal' had become redundant because there was no 'East Bengal' anymore.

    After Bengal, will there be a demand from the people of other states also to rename their states?
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    The proposed change of name of West Bengal is directly related to the painful history of partition. Except Bengal, Punjab was also partitioned, but after partition the Indian state of Punjab was named as Punjab. However, in case of Indian state of Bengal was renamed as West Bengal. So, it is necessary to rename the state as 'Bangla'.
    No other state was partitioned during independence. So, the demand for change of name in case of other states would be illogical.

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    I suggest the name 'Delhi' should be written in English as Dilli only. New Delhi should be Naya Dilli.
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    What should I say about other states? I have been in this lifelong pain of calling my state as Uttarakhand, when all I would actually love is to call it, write it, read it everywhere as Uttaranchal, that's the soul name of the state whose body was forcibly labeled as some other name.

    I have this demand ever since it was renamed. I am not aware of others.. If I will find a group or organisation working on this route, I would love to join them and protest for a better sounding name 'Anchal' than a cactus-like word 'Khand'.

    Ank Arya

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    While I do see a logic demand to change the name of West Bengal to Bengal as there is no East Bengal existing right now. But taking cue from this there cannot be any demand from other states and they are happy with the present name.
    K Mohan
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    #577323 As said by sir K Mohan the reason of changing the name of West Bengal are reasonable and logically right but for the other state there is no reason for that. And I think that the other state should not raise their voice to change there state name until and unless a valuable reason exist. And after getting constitutional amendment the name will become little easier to call for it. As I think almost everyone in the country calls West Bengal as Bangal only isn't it. My mother is from Allahabad and she always pronounce West Bengal as Bangal.
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