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    Uniform dress code is trend now.

    The trend of dress code is now spread even in festivals or functions like marriage, marriage reception or other college functions like annual day, cultural day etc.,

    In this way of trending, the textile industry has improved a lot in our country and I hope people might have noticed the way of various dress code according to the region and for each and every function people purchase in bulk to wear by all to look in same or uniform dress code.

    Sometimes, it is burden on the part of parents when school/college create this kind of trend and people wanted to buy but at the same time it also enjoyable to see uniform dress code like Dhothi and traditional dresses wore by youngsters.

    Members may discuss about various uniform dress code they enjoyed while seeing others or their own experience of wearing.

    This is entry for TOW uniform.
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    The uniforms were originally meant to distinguish a group from the rest of the others. Now a universal dress code has been adopted by the people in the form of jeans and a shirt or top. Even gender differentiation has blurred and the jeans and shirt/top has become a unisex dress.

    Amidst such a scenario the traditional regional dresses look like uniforms in the parties. We can spot an individual hailing from the state of Bengal in case he/she is wearing the traditional Bengali dress. The same is the case with the individuals hailing from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and such other states.

    Wearing 'dhoti' or sherwani' has become sort of a fashion statement. In India, even religious identities can be found out by watching the design and pattern of the dresses.

    Like the concept of 'unity in diversity', India has diversity in uniforms also.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The response of Kailash reminds me of one famous celebrity's daughter marriage which was trend for that time in medias and you tubes where the boy side is saivaite and girl side mother's family is vaishnavaite and father's family is north Indian style and hence they followed dress codewomen of Saivaite for girls family, Vaishnavaite for boys family members and all male members carried uniform dress code of north Indian style.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    In Tamil Nadu there is always liking for dhothi as the traditional dress code and now youth are also attracted towards this fashion as some fashion is also added to the dhothi. Previously we used to have some permanent color pattern as border for the Dhothi but now we are getting different color combination matching to the shirt a person wearing. This kind of uniform in Dhothi is well received by the youth and we can see youth wearing sticking dhothi with colorful border matching to the shirt.
    K Mohan
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    Yes Mohan, recently the dress code of Dhothi has become fashion statement with the introduction of new technology 'Velcro pocket' dhothi which is comfortable with stick and wear dhothi type exclusively for GENY(youth Generation) which gives fashion statement to women too to wear along with them the old tradition of south India, Full Skirt with Half saree and it is really looking beautiful in any function.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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