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    A uniform brings the feelings of responsibility.

    No, I am not talking about school going kids or students for whom the word 'responsibility' is bit a big word. I am not talking about some corrupt people too for whom the word ' responsibility' does not exist. However, my this thread is for them who understand the real value of a uniform. I will not take other incidents but my own which I felt it by seeing my elder or myself.

    Incident 1- Me being a mischievous kid, would not leave a single chance to make a fun of my elder brother-in-law who was an army officer. This incident is when I used to live with him and my sister during my school vacation in Kolkata. He was a lively person who loved me like his own son, never ever complaint or shown anger on me in fact he too become a part of my play.

    incident 2- In the morning, when my brother -in-law start getting ready for work, wearing his uniform, becomes different character. Serious and the face glows with some different pride feelings. I can't explain in words but after he wear the uniform, I would never had a guts to poke him. His looks gets changed. I never asked this reason but now I can really understand. It was his responsibilities, his work become first leaving all relationship behind him when he wear the army uniform.

    So, what I personally feel that a uniform create a big impact on a person and brings responsibilities within him/her.

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    Yes, a Uniform brings in the sense of responsibility and a sense of prestige. Generally it is felt that a uniformed person doesn't do anything irresponsible. Every Uniform bears prestige and responsibility to the person who is wearing this.
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    It seems like one and all of us have two sides of our personality. One side of it wants to wear uniform while the other wants to remove such unnecessary restrictions. Unnecessary, as the other side sees to it. I am glad that you have at least reached to a conclusion where you feel uniform is required and must be made compulsory.

    Kindly forgive me for the short length of this response as whatever I had to say has been submitted as response to another TOW entry.

    Best wishes to your entry, Jeets.

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    Yes, it is true and many of them will agree with me that there are uniforms of police or of navy or of army officer etc. and when they wear their respective uniforms, they get changed and energised at the very moment they wear the uniform and the sense of unique and different responsibility comes inside their body and soul not only for their family but also for the nation as they are send by god to protect their nation and their countrymen. And some of them worship their uniforms as god.
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