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    Children behave the way their parents do

    A child starts learning from parents at a very tender age. They observe each and everything parents do and try to imitate the same. The way a child behaves in society, the way he talks to others everything depends on how his parents do. If a child's parents use slang and abusive words everything, a child will learn the same and it becomes very common to him that he starts using it. If parents are polite and have control on what they speak, the same we can see in the child too. So parents should be very careful in choosing words and before the child. They should behave properly and teach all the good deeds to their child.
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    During the first 2-3 years, the children remain in the close contact/company of their parents only particularly in the nuclear types are families which are increasing day by day. The others including the friends, relatives, neighbors etc. come for a short period in between and go away to their respective places. Therefore, the child learns each and everything from their parents only.

    When a parent states that their child watches too much television then it simply means that they themselves watch too much television and the child has learned from them accordingly. Similarly, aggressive behavior is learned by the children from their parents only. Funnily enough, there are many parents in the society, particularly in some northern states who instigate their child to retaliate physically in case anybody harasses the. Rather they feel proud in case, their children is able to fight well with other children.

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    It has been said that every person is born two times in this world. First, when he is physically brought into this world. Second, when he achieves knowledge from his 'guru' or teacher. There is a time of about 4 years before a child is sent to school, till then he is under the guidance solely of his parents. This is the most important phase of any person's life. He imitates his parents, their skills, their speech and their conduct. So if the child is brought up well in this time period, he will be on right path. But it is not the time to become oblivious of what he is capable of and which direction he will take in his life. By the combined efforts of parents and teachers, a life is carved. Then come the secondary stimulus like friends, peers, etc. The contribution of the parents though can never be disparaged.


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    I fully agree with the author that children are the great ape masters and they not only copy the words being spoken by their parents verbatim but also ape their actions in same style. That is the reason being so we should not say bad words before the children as they learn those ugly words easliy and say against us and that cannot be tolerated. Children have lot many doubts and they cannot even sustain little belittle of them against other children and in that process they learn everything from the parents especially from her mother and thus mother is the first teacher for any child. That is why when a girl child got married and goes to in laws house and her behavior there would portray the upbringing of mother. If the girl behaves nicely it is the plus point for mother , other wise in laws shall blame the girl's mother first.
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    Yeah the parents should understand that the way they deal with their child, in the same manner they will also do that as they learn everything from their parents from crying to smiling from good words to bad words. One of the thing which I personally fully oppose is that the parents lethal behaviour like beating, locking them inside the room etcetera is not good for the mental condition of the child and every parents should also oppose this too. There are others too, to explain the child fault, many parents think that doing this they are helping their child but extremely not they are instead doing damage to the mental condition of the child, as a result many child have been seen become aggressive regarding their parents, they stopped listening to their parents and started doing the things which they wanted to do.
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    Not only children sushma, many elders do follow others casually. When I joined in my first employment at Chennai, a stenographer (male) used to utter ' Rama,Ramaa' always amidst talking. I took this very casually but when I came to know that he was a christian my astonishing hiked. But I later realized that he catches the words from our Owner of the company used to utter like that amidst talking. As he regularly taking notes etc., from him he catches the words casually without taking otherwise. Similarly many of doing many things by copying or imitating others. Whenever I walk on the road I used to walk very fast, by seeing this some school boys follow me fast walking behind me.
    The children are needless to consider here as they are mostly getting the words and attitudes only from elders. We, the elders should be very careful before the children with our actions and words.

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