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    Uniform behaviour towards people irrespective of their work and status.

    We behave differently with people according to the work they do and based on their status. A person having more money is always treated well from people. People will also gift and serve a person who has everything. And a person who is not well enough to do, is always looked down by others and also when gifting something to such people, we always look for a thing that is lesser in price range which will be of no use also. We also respect and treat people who are in good position and disrespect people who are struggling to earn their living. What we humans forget is a person who is sincere and hardworking should be respected no matter what work he does. A rich man can be rich by black money also. People should have Uniform behaviour towards others.
    Can people have uniform behaviour everywhere?
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    I would like to add another point of view to this discussion. The people are not given importance on the basis of their economic or financial status alone. Instead, the individuals are evaluated by the others as to whether they of any use to them or not. In case the individual is useful , then he gets due recognition even if he/she is financially poor e.g. a priest in the temple or a 'pandit' performing puja at the home gets due recognition from even the wealthy individuals. A technician who knows the job of repairing computers or smartphones is approached by people from all segments of the society.

    In difficult times or while facing a troublesome situation , the social or economic class distinction evaporates and the people approach each other as human beings. However, in case the individual is not of any use to the others, then nobody will bother to entertain him/her. One has to evolve himself/herself to be able to help others. The time has gone when people had time, energy and patience to indulge themselves in philanthropic and charitable activities.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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