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    Bug Found: Member Dashboard not displaying latest status

    Dear Webmaster,

    I have been facing this issue since quite long time. After months of facing the same issue, I think I should report it here. I am unsure if other members are also facing the same, but for me, it has been like that ever since I can remember.


    As I visit my Dashboard, I have all the controls properly working except for the Update Status feature. The textbox where the update is typed comes already filled with one of my pretty old status. Over all this time, I have updated my status several times to confirm that it never shows my latest updated status there.
    As a user, I expect to find my latest status there, or the textbox showing almost no text at all as I visit my Dashboard. It is a minor issue but must be rectified.

    (Also, this problem is only with dashboard. I have confirmed that while visiting my profile, it properly displays my latest status)

    I request you to please do the needful.
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    Ank Arya,

    It may be related to the points' calculation issues. Tony Sir has been informed. He will clarify.

    Managing Editor,

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