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    Why is it so that some ISC articles display an 'Author Bio' below them while others don't?

    I have observed it recently that a few articles on ISC have a special box below them displaying the author bio there. When I checked some other articles by me and others, I was amazed to not find any Author's box there. There was no special box displaying the name of author or mentioning 'Article by xyz author'. Why is it so?

    Also, I have checked and verified the same while logged in and out and found no difference in it.

    Is it a bug or hidden feature that limits it to specific members (the Diamond and above) ?

    If so, why is it so? Should not a cool feature like this be available for one and all the members who contribute articles on ISC?

    Can an expert member or editor make me understand what the actual issue is?
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    Perhaps one has to set 'Article Footer' by accessing the same through the 'Edit Forum Footer' link on Dashboard under 'Site Settings'. I have not yet set mine. May set soon in near future.

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    That is something you need to set up through your member dashboard. Go to your dashboard and locate the Site Settings tab. Under it, you should find the "Edit Forum Footer" link. Clicking on it will take you to the page where you can add your Bio. The article footer and forum footers can be set as per your requirements.
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    Thanks to Mr. Kumar and Mr. Kamat. I looked for the same just now and found it there under Edit Forum Footer option.

    Actually, I had not checked that option since the last time I had updated my forum footer. Tony Sir is doing a great job by continuously adding more features to ISC.

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