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    Few mothers may not find time to carry and give birth to children in future

    Many working couples are postponing childbirth because of their business in career related issues. They tend to time it with the completion of their company projects, deadlines, promotion or foreign trips.

    Based on my experience about the social trends, I foresee that the time is not far when the working couples will hire a surrogate mother to carry and give birth to their children. In this manner, the working mother will not be required to be on extended maternity leave or carry the child in her womb and will be free to focus on their career oriented priorities and preferences.

    What is your observation about the subject matter?
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    Correct! Many working women as well some youngsters postponing their first delivery. This will make many of them issue less when they want. It has been seen by me in many of my friends and relative circles. One way it is good as it reduces the population but the feelings of such women in later stage is uncontrollable. Many of such persons facing mental problem also. It is better to have the first child on any cost and they may control themselves from second one.

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    I fully agree with the author that the the present day couples are not interested to have the baby right now with the fear that they have to fully dedicate their time for nurturing of the child and thus their main aim of the life would be negated and ever forgone. This attitude is seen in many couples and they are postponing having the kids even though the elders at the home insists for family life. The best age period to have kids is between 25 and 30 and beyond that would be taxing time for both the parents.
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    Of late, we can see a shift of the attitudes of the couples in respect of early parenting. May be this is because of their analysis of the situations where they would need more money for the upbringing of the newly born baby as a result of additional costs for nurseries, medical expenses related to sudden illness etc. They want to be more secured with respect to financial - position. Such calculative approaches has led to delayed delivery of the couples. However, the positive side of the same is the down ward trend of the birth of the babies among the educated masses. This is the Philip side of such approaches being made by these concious generation.

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    Hundred percent agree with you, but I will like to see the reaction of a working lady, how and what she thinks about it. Yes, the author said it right, now a day the tension and the work load are so much that the personal life is not getting time only. And if someone is not getting time only then how they will get baby by god grace no not at all, Its human of two gender can do that. I have also seen and heard about many married ladies who are not at all interested in giving birth to baby because the reason might be small and someone can get a laugh also but it is the harsh truth that they don't want to lose their shape and just because of this they don't plan for babies, in this case many of them hire a surrogate mother, actually surrogacy has become a business today. Many women are ready to become mother of someone just to earn money.
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    I don't agree completely with the author. Yes there are working women who are very much career oriented but when it comes to family and getting a baby, any women we'll feel that she should have a own baby. For an year or two after marriage both husband and wife will have planning so that they can understand each other well, they can be financially stable and also they can be more responsible. After certain years of marriage, no women can think of surrogacy mother as she herself will start feeling she needs to have one child bearing it for 9 months. There can be surrogacy is rare cases were a women cannot be conceived or has any health issues but I feel there cannot be surrogacy just because a women is career oriented.

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    You know one thing when such a time start happening, no mother get respect from their children after their grown ups,no emotional values shall take place.

    Just what remain is relation's name..bonding will just for responsibility not for love.

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