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    Why people marry and bear children, if they can't give them a good life?

    In most part of our country people marry and bear children just to keep their generation going. They have no interest in giving their children a good life. I have seen many parents blaming and abusing, specially in rural areas for all their misfortunes. If something good happens after the birth of a child then he/she is considered lucky for the family but if something bad happens after the birth, they start cursing their own child for their misfortunes.

    Is is the right attitude? If parents don't have any love towards their own children then don't have any right to give them birth and make their life hell. It would be better to not have any children if they don't have capability to give them a good life. In India people are so obsessed with boys that they don't give any importance to their daughters. She is also their children but they don't have any sort of affection towards her. Only boys get their generation going is their thinking. I think this culture of having children just for the sake of generation should stop. This is ruining lives of many children in our country.
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    It is a very sensitive issue. No political party or Government will dare to utter these taboo words. It is true that all the efforts and resources created by the Governments get diluted with the ever increasing population that too at an exponential rate of growth. However, the poor families are the softest targets to win a vote by the political parties. Their aspirations are limited and get pleased simply by getting freebies in the form a paltry sum of cash or booze or some gadget. The educated one, on the other hand, apply their minds and argue too much and despite offering them some concessions and relaxations often cheat by casting their votes to the other parties or even not casting their votes at all.

    There are many unwanted children in every poor nation including India. In the past, the farmers used to produce more children to help them in the hard work of farming but nowadays the land holdings have become so small that the children have to work as labors only.

    Children are considered blessings of the God. There is nothing like planning for them.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Very rightly said by Babu! There are many people around us who always give complain about their children; he is so and so, he is not doing anything, she is very careless, etc. Some people start cursing their daughters since after their birth. Many people in our society always irate over their children due to improper education, lifestyle, behaviour, attitude and many more habits. They think it's not their duty to guide properly or implant their children correctly. Due to their silly mindset children are getting diverted after getting matured. It is one of the major causes of crime, naxalism, terrorism, etc. in our society. People must respect their family, their children, and lead properly show that they can lead well this country in their future.
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    I am totally agreeing with the author. By getting married the couple must understand that they are heading for a family life and bearing child is the part of that first process. Once the child is born , nurturing, looking after the child with interest and care must be naturally born in the new mother, and just because of time constraint and work culture she cannot negate that responsibility on others. The first five years for any child is crucial period and the mother care and touch is essential for the greater growth health wise and mind wise. Hence for go sake never compromise on this issue and I even advise that those who are working must take leave and nurture the child first. The other day I have shared the photo of a woman conductor on duty having the small child on the lap and yet issuing tickets to the passengers . That is the dedication of duty and also nurturing of the child with the best attention.
    K Mohan
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    Yes, a good thread to discuss on, I think the author has really felt the pain closely which are on children whose parents are carelessly thrown them as something useless. I have too seen them with my eyes and I really felt ashamed of myself that being a human I am not helping them, what they want, nothing just a good life where they can get shelter, good food and education that all. We all will felt remorse but how many of us do something for them only few will raise their hands, the person who cannot treat their children nicely they shouldn't have the right to bear a child after marriage.
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