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    Out of 100 kgs Gold seized by customs, 80 kgs theft occurred internally at Hyderabad

    We all know that Shamshabad Airport in Hyderabad is the best awarded airport with high security cover thrown around and no one can miss the surveillance and thus smugglers of gold biscuits are caught by alert sleuths and their gold is seized and deposited in the godown. Such seizure amounted to 100 kgs and on verification it is now found that 80 Kgs of gold were missing and instead they have been replaced with replica of gold in iron and wrapped with gold paper. Thus a big scam is being investigated by Intelligence agency and many heads are going to roll. It would have been better the government gives the same gold to the smugglers with high taxation on the spot.
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    Gold lures everybody. Even the epitome of the virtues, the Goddess Sita could not resist the lure of the Gold when the Ravana played the trick for her abduction by using the 'swarn mrig'. Rest of the story is well known and needs no repetition.

    Perhaps, such incidences, as mentioned by the author are occurring since the time immemorial. I remember having read the story about how the Rajasthan get prospered during the Mughal period despite not having any river for irrigation or fertile land for cultivation. The soldiers from the Rajasthan used to loot the gold after winning any battle and send a portion of the same to their families, depositing the remaining quantity in the royal treasury as the proceeds of the war.

    India was invaded several times for looting the gold only and despite having been looted umpteen times, it still has a big treasure of the gold. Gold is perhaps the root cause of all miseries in this mortal world.

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