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    A great offering to Lord Ganesh and immersion with her tears

    Don't immerse my Ganesha! Don't immerse my Ganesha! I heard this crying voice of a little girl among million people with lot of music and sound on the bank of Tank Bund Hussain Sagar at Hyderabad. The day was 2nd September 2009, the whole Hyderabad city went miserably due to Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy's unfortunate death due to copter crash. The same day people were gathered for Ganesha immersion at Hyderabad Tank Bund and I too fully immersed with the melody and distributing prasad; meanwhile I heard this crying voice that hit into my ears crossing the huge crowd with lot of sound. Her repeatedly asking for not to immerse her Ganesha stopped my hands and mind to do anything else and I attracted to her just to watch what she wants to do and how's she. The little girl of age around 4yrs who created a huge attention from all and attracted many people near to her. She's fully immersed with tears and holds tightly the little Ganesha and repeatedly saying the same sentence, don't immerse, don't immerse! All of her relatives tries to convince her, but no one try to understand her. Why all of them want to immerse her Idol and what's wrong if not; she don't know and don't want to listen anyone. Suddenly an idea came to my mind and came near her with a large size of modak to offer the little girl. But she couldn't convince with me and I think its totally waste of my time and I came back. However I'm still unable to forget her tears that completely immersed the Ganesha idol. While returning I got the news of YSR Reddy's accident and all of us are discussing about him, but my mind is totally towards the little girl who did a great offering to Lord Ganesh.

    A competition entry to 'Ganesh Chaturthi offerings - creative writing contest'
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    The religious ritual of immersion of the idols of Gods and Goddesses after worshiping with due devotion has to have some deep underlying philosophy behind it. Be it Ganesha Chaturthi or the Durga Puja, people start preparing for the celebrations months in advance and on the final day the celebrations culminate in the immersion of the idol. Perpahs such annual celebrations are meant for reminding us that nothing is permanent in this world and the people have to part with their dearest possessions to make room for more.

    In our family also we celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations since last many years and go to the designated place at the river bank for immersion of Idol of God Ganesha.

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    My appreciation to the author for connecting the tears of little girl and that of sudden death of former CM YSR in a copter crash during Ganesh immersion was well connected and I too felt pity for that little heart as the children wont allow immersing of Ganesh Idols. That brings my old memory in my house. When my daughter was a child and she used to participate in the Ganesh Pooja with great interest and decorate the idol with her creativity daily. But when the Visarjan day comes, she used to plead for keeping the Idol as the statue at the pooja room and she would pray daily. But we have to convince her hard and then do the immersion.
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    This phenomenon is seen everywhere. In West Bengal, on the day of Vijaya Dashami, many small children don't want that the Durga idol to be immersed. Many of them start crying. My daughter, during her younger days, used to ask me why Goddess Durga was leaving on the Day of Vijaya Dashami.
    I enjoyed the story.

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