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    Technology: Maharashtra Govt. uses drone to monitor Mumbai-Pune expressway

    This weekend, Maharashtra government fined 15 truck drivers after they were found cutting lanes by a drone operating on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway. Drones were used for the very first time to monitor traffic on the highway, where accidents have often proved fatal. Amol Tambe, Superintendent of Police (Highways), Pune Region, has confirmed the news. Aerial pictures of lane-cutting by 15 drivers was captured by the drone and all the drivers have been fined.

    I welcome the use of technology to monitor the traffic violations, especially on this route. One of my very close friends had met with a horrible accident on this expressway in 2006 an he is living almost like a vegetable. I hail use of technology for such good purpose.
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    Mumbai-Pune expressway was one of the most famous highways in India as it was the first six-lane highway in India constructed fully of concrete and had an access controlled toll collection system. Also, it was constructed by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) instead of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

    I was posted at Mumbai during those days when it was commissioned in the year 2002. Prior to that, we used to travel by NH4 , the old national highway connecting Mumbai to Pune. I remember that while using shared taxi for traveling between Mumbai and Pune, the taxi driver used to take consent of all the passengers for using the expressway as it used to involve extra payment toward toll tax.

    The Mumbai-Pune expressway was notorious for many fatal accidents. A research study had revealed that more accidents occur on this road as there are longer stretches which are totally straight instead of having usual curves and bends.

    Use of drone technology is a welcome step for preventing accidents provided the same is effectively used instead of being used as a gimmick only to show case the technological superiority of the Maharashtra Government.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Good to learn that modern technology through the Drone craft can be used to monitor the safe passage on expressways and kudos to Maharastra Government for initiating such kind of aerial monitoring for the first time in India. Now the speedy vehicle zooming past on the highways can be controlled , some times the truck driver defy warning boards and park their vehicles at accident prone areas and thus the vehicles coming from behind or from other directions may be disturbed with vision and thus such vehicles can be heavily penalized and the most important would be knowing of accident s immediately and taking right actions in time.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    This is one of the most good changes which are made by the Maharashtra government, by doing this we can control most of the evil deeds which are done on the highways, many victims of accident can be given fast treatment as we can know and track the person where he/she is injured and what had happened to him and as well as the culprit will be arrested so in many ways it is useful and beneficials to the government itself as no one can fool the government by his false trap which they usually make in highways.
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