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    A question on reduction of points, CC and intellectual property

    According to a recent ISC update, all authors lose rights to intellectual property once their article is published and paid for. The circumstances are clearly defined and understood.

    Based on the same, I have a question about published articles that are deleted after a period of time. I understand that CC and points are deducted from the author's account, each time their article is deleted by the admin. Since all content published here becomes the property of the website, how fair is it to take away CC and points that had been previously awarded? Articles were accepted based on policies that existed at that time. Why are authors penalized at a later date, if their old articles do not meet the new guidelines (that too for something that is no longer their intellectual property)?

    Ironically, it is only active members who suffer. I wonder what methods are employed to retrieve CC from members who are no longer active.
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    Mrs. Juana has raised an extremely valid point. I earlier thought about this issue when I came to know that old articles are deleted, but never dared to raise the question as a comparatively new Member. Now I am also awaiting the clarifications from the Editors.
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    I am not aware of the fact that at the time of deletion of old articles from the archives of ISC, awarded points and cash credits are also deducted accordingly. I have yet to understand the point fully. But once an article has been published, the copyright was claimed by the publisher and advantages of publication of the articles on the website like the generation of AdSense revenue etc. has been achieved, then apparently it doesn't seem prudent to deduct the previously awarded points and the cash credits on the basis of merit of the article.

    It is likely that such a procedure may be existing due to the system constraints i.e. on deleting the article, the system automatically deducts the points by default as the content is no longer existing. In case so then the previously awarded points and cash credits may be separately added manually in the member's account at the time of deletion of the articles.

    I am looking forward to further elucidation from the editors.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    We do not delete articles at a later point of time unless we realize later that that articles were approved by mistake. There may be some exceptions though but they are really exceptions and not a norm. As per the official policy, articles are approved based on the policies prevailing at the time of approval and they are not deleted later when policies change. However, we do reserve the rights to "Hide" articles according to the changed policies and we do not deduct points/cc in such cases.

    Tony John
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    To respected sir Tony John (#577364) I understood what are you trying to say but as you are saying that when you feel that the article are approved by mistake then why you delete that article instead of sending it to the author who wrote that article into consideration and say him his mistake so that he can rectify and submit it again. And one more question what is the procedure of checking an Article. And how many days it take to approve the article when it is submitted and how much cash we can get maximum from it.
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    Actually the point is, some articles may be approved initially, but may be found to be not abiding by the guidelines after some time, they are liable to be deleted. For instance, an author commits plagiarism or copy pasting and the article gets approved by oversight. It may later be brought to the attention of the team that the article concerned is a copy pasted one. In such cases, the article gets rejected, and the points or cc are deducted. If the articles are devoid of any such issues, they are not deleted even with the policy change.

    Yes, the older articles go into archive after a while as they will no longer would be relevant, but that would not affect the points or cc in any way.

    Well, this is what I have understood all through my association with the sites in Spider Networks.

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    Though it had always been an ongoing process on the part of the Webmaster Tony John to add value to the ISC system but the recent developments in strengthening the forum section is tempting me to offer a feedback to the Webmaster. He may consider devising some policy to encourage only significant topics in the articles sections. Presently, few articles of no real worth are being submitted as well as being approved also.
    The same applies in the case of quality of answers in the ask expert section. Few enthusiastic members are submitting even incorrect and irrelevant answers which are also getting approved.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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