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    Heavy rains lashes Hyderabad since 7 am on and still no respite.

    I am writing this post at 10.55 and I could see heavy rains lashing outside of my house and I can understand the pathetic condition of low lying areas and huts which are vulnerable to heavy floods as there is no proper storm water drainage out let in Hyderabad and soon we would be getting bad news of such adversities. Since it was raining since morning school going children , office goers were having turf time as many like me dropped the idea of going to office and get stranded in the traffic due to heavy pool of water present at almost places in the city. How is the situation in your town or city ?
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    Heavy rains etc. are vagaries of nature not yet fully understood by the humans though a lot of research has already been carried out on the subject matter and still continuing. The drainage systems etc. of the old cities were designed long back and therefore are not proving sufficient with the manifold increase in the population. Moreover, in the cities, almost all surface of the land is concretised and there is hardly any place for the water to get absorbed by the natural earth.

    This year there had been comparatively lesser rains at Lucknow. However, today in the early morning there was heavy rains. The natural weather cycle has got fully disturbed due to ecological disbalances because of cutting of trees etc. I remember my period of posting at Mumbai when we used to abandon the program of attending office as it was simply not possible at times. Special casual leave used to be granted to the employees under such compelling circumstances.

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    In Delhi also, it suddenly started raining at 8.30. I started for office, but had to return because even before reaching the bus stop, I was totally drenched despite carrying an umbrella. Rain was very heavy accompanied by lightning. Now the rain has stopped. I will try to go to office after lunch.
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    Partha by going to office for half day, will it be considered as leave for the fore noon or the government shall excuse due to incessant rain and hence the employees can avail the facility of half day ?
    K Mohan
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    #577407: Sir, I have reached Office at 12.45. Due to some urgent work going on, I remain in office upto 8.45-9 in the evening. Although 1/2 day leave will be deducted from my leave account, I have to work full-day!
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    Sanctioning of half leave in the wake of incessant rain does not seem to be fair. Even some executives have to perform beyond their working hours to compensate the companies target. In such cases, where an employee has reported for the duty at 1300 hrs in general shift and stays up to 21 hrs compensating the shortfall of the day. What would you call it? Such reporting of the employees has to be seen in the larger perspective. The boss must be above the intellectual potential to examine the merit of each and every case and if the situation is beyond the hands of the employees such as heavy rains and the employees have performed fully on the same day, they should be rewarded full attendance. In that way, we would be able to restore the confidence of the employees.

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    In the central Government offices in Mumbai, special casual leaves used to sanctioned in case of incessant rains when the local trains used to be inoperational and it was not possible for the employees to reach office. Such natural calamities like flood or earthquake or total bandh etc. which are beyond the control of the employees are considered for special casual leave without much publicity about the same. There were occasions when the employees were allowed to leave office early so as to reach their home or allowed even when reached very late in the office due to such torrential rains etc. It is a matter of common sense and the officer in charge is the competent authority to take a decision in such matters in consultation with his/her superior authority.
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    The problem of bad drainage system are all most shouted from the beginning of the modern age. We all know that if the city or even smaller areas have the proper drainage system then it would be difficult for the rain to do any damage to the city or the small areas just because of some corrupt officers many drainage systems are not made and result in heavy loss of public property. I thank god that words like floods have never happened in my city as our city drainage systems are very good here, actually now in our area we are having good clean sky with no clouds, I can clearly see the sky with lots of stars twinkling on it. Rains are good but in a limited way.
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