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    Birds of a feather, flock together

    The famous proverb "Birds of a feather, flock together" is widely used by the common people. The people, who possess same characteristics, beliefs or thoughts often want to stay together is the meaning of the proverb. It is very common to see the people with the similar characteristics staying together. Other than the characteristics and the beliefs, the people who are from same location or those who speak the same language easily mingle together and have a good rapport between them. Generally in the workplace, people from different states and the people who speak different languages will be working together. Though people easily mingle with the people from other states, but in general many people prefer to stay with their own group of people i.e. the people from their own state or with those who speak their language or with the people who have similar characteristics or thoughts.

    Why people of similar characteristics prefer to stay together? Is it good or bad?

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    The mother tongue of people is a great binding force. It is not like just a language learnt. People learn other languages later e.g. English as a second language and many people in India know three language - their own mother tongue which may be any of the regional languages, Hindi and English. Therefore when people come in contact with other people sharing their mother tongue , they develop a special kind of affinity or kinship with them. They can express their feelings and sentiments better in their common mother tongue than in any other language.

    However, during official or formal interactive sessions the people are supposed to speak a language which is understood by all the persons present in the group. It is considered inappropriate and uncivilized to talk to another person in a native language which is not understood by the others.

    Language is such a strong binding force that sometimes it overpowers even the religion. A Bengali Hindu from West Bengal finds more at ease in talking to a Muslim from Bangladesh who speaks Bengali.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    "Birds of the same feather flock together"-this ancient proverb still holds true in majority of cases. But there are some notable exceptions also. We may have heard about famous rivalry among famous physicists and also in professional fields. In these cases, the proverb doesn't hold true.
    Mr. Kailash Kumar's comment on Hindu Bengali and Muslim Bangladeshi is no longer true. My generation doesn't accept this.

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