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    Student ineligible to appear in JEE got admission in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    The Mumbai teenager Malvika Raj Joshi (age 17 years) is not eligible to appear in JEE for admission in IITs and other reputed engineering colleges of India as she has no class X or class XII certificate. She stopped going to school when she was studying in class VII and continued studies at home.

    She had a special interest in computer programming and started giving more time in learning programming compared to the other subjects. She appeared in the International Olympiad of Informatics or commonly known as Programming Olympiad examination and won two silver and a bronze medal.

    The prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) accepts students who are medal winners at various Olympiads (maths, physics or computer) and hence she was offered admission in Bachelor of Science degree program along with a scholarship to pursue studies.

    What we should learn from the above example?
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    The Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) was the only institute in India which accepted her as a student in an M.Sc level course as her knowledge was found on a par with B.Sc. There was no chance in the IITs as they have strict eligibility norms including a 10+2 pass certificate.
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    What we learn from this incident is, as long as we are in India we should take our schooling very seriously. We should not miss on our 10th or 12th class exams. They have the potential of making or breaking our career. Okay that was on a lighter note. The achievement by Malvika Raj Joshi is commendable. It's not everyday that someone as talented as her takes admission in the MIT. She must be a real genius with programming. Even though she didn't finish her schooling, it is very credible that she continued with learning programming and other computing skills. It shows that in the current world if you have the talent, you don't even need a formal education to succeed. Well done Malvika. Hope you shine at MIT too. It is a lesson to everyone that we should focus not only on our school books, but should also focus on learning the how and why of everything. In a sense that will be real learning. Taking a cue from this incident, the policy makers in the country should get into revamping the education system.
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    In India we follow the great culture to study the basic and then achieve the bigger and higher studies and there is no compromise or second route to that. A child may be intelligent and even get double promotion in each class for that matter laws cannot be over looked and one has to go through the procedures. But in foreign countries they are not particular of age or basics qualification, all they recognize the immense talent in a person and that is enough for them to give a seat. So Mumbai teenager Malvika Raj Joshi getting a seat in MIT at the teen age is on the expected lines.
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    This shows that anyone can do anything if he/she is determined to do it. The title 'Student who didn't go to high school got admission in MIT' would have been better as the current title gives a meaning that the student failed to attend JEE but she got an admission in MIT. Anyways, my congratulations to Ms. Malvika Raj Joshi for getting a seat in MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

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