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    Why generally the people are tempted to do something which is forbidden?

    Generally, we observe that the children always find doing anything interesting which is forbidden to them by their parents without proper explanation.

    Playing with an electrical socket by inserting metallic objects in the same can prove fatal and in case explained properly by the parents to the children who are able to understand such matters, it is likely that they will take due precautions.

    However, many things are not explained to the children logically and often few parents adopt bullying tactics for forbidding the children from doing certain things or acts.

    The problem is that even the grown-ups also have such tendencies.

    Why generally the people are tempted to do something which is forbidden?
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    Yes it is the habit for the children to do those which are forbidden by the parents and elders. The children would always have the interest to try new things and experience new way of life and in that melee they wont listen to others unless and until they have their hand on the said thing. Normally the children wont see the sun during day time and the attention wont go there, but during Solar Eclipse it was advised not to view the sun during the total solar eclipse, the children wont listen and they try to have peep in to Sun somewhere or the other. Likewise when we say do not touch the pets , the children would love to play with pets.
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    Yes, many children do like this. For this what we did in our house, we have covered the plug points with y s covers made for that which is available in electrical shops.
    However the inner meaning of the topic not mainly for children but all grown up people are also doing the forbidden things. If we see some barricade in the road entrance for some maintenance or festival, our people do not cut the route but two wheeler vehicles peeped by the side and go inside and by finding no place to move, they return.
    In some places, if somebody says not to go that side we will not simply adhere but start questioning him. In cinemas we have seen and in some story books we read that one man instruct the other not to open the particular room on any account. But the people hearing that try to enter or open that room in their absence to see what was there. This is curiosity we can say but is not correct.

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    Children are very innocent creatures of this unique world, they don't know about goods and bads of the world, so they take everything in a light way. As they are not so experienced as we are they normally do mistakes, and when we parents or any elders explain or tell them to not to do this, they actually becomes curious about that thing which we have warned them not to do and they just want to do that in anyway, sometimes it becomes annoying for the parents but the truth is that they are children not grown ups man or woman.
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    Negative is more attractive than positive. Anything in this world with negative energy, knowledge, information is highly attractive by people at first. Negative is the tendency of attract anything easily than positive energies. Its people's and as well as children' tendency that they'll go for what is restricted or banned. They want to know what exactly is there or why they've been banned to do so. Sometime it is better to not advice children directly by saying don't touch, get away from that, don't do that, etc. Their mind starts thinking to find out the reason, by forgetting the side effects of not doing or why they've been forbidden. So, in case of children I think we must act casual during such incidents.
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    I think the initial reaction to a 'don't' is always a 'why' and that seems to be the answer to the question by the author. We, irrespective of our age, become curious to know the reason behind a restriction and so endeavor to give it a try. Again, at least in the case of adults, that 'why should I be stopped' attitude also plays a role; otherwise how do you you explain the habit of some people dumping waste exactly at a place where a notice says that dumping waste there is prohibited. So, there are many reasons behind such reactions.
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    This tendency of human has been existing since the Biblical period. Adam and Eve took the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden, despite being asked not to do so. The same tradition is still continuing.
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    Notices like 'No Parking' or 'Don't Throw Waste' are generally displayed at the most obvious places where people resort to such forbidden practices. However, people feign and behave as if they are illiterates and are not able to read the notices. People spit 'paan' even within the premises of courts of law and Gods/Goddesses portraits are displayed to prevent people from urinating at certain public places.
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    God has created this world in a unique fashion. All inventions are the outcome of curiosity.
    Had there been no curiosity, world would have come to stand still like stagnant water. Hence purposefully God made all creatures curious. Now if we get something effortlessly, our curiosity ends there. But when we are forbidden to do something, our natural instinct of curiosity actually gets energized. Our all senses tend to focus over that area or act which is restricted by our society. Our stories too creates a world of fantasy around us, where hero goes in a direction which is forbidden, faces lot of difficulties, thrills, adventures and finally a sense of satisfaction to achieve something which no one dared before. All these instincts compel us to do what is forbidden. It is applicable to all creatures.

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