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    Haryana CM and his Ministers arrive at Assembly by cycle. Good things needs appreciation

    Haryana CM M L Khattar and his cabinet colleagues have peddled their way to Vidhan Sabha and thus they set an example to others to follow in order to save the petrol being used by CM and Ministers on daily basis. In fact I would call upon all the CM's and Ministers of other state to emulate this example and travel to Vidhan Sabha only by cycle. Austerity measure must start from the government and surely this message would reach the common man and he will also emulate and that will be a big change in the society. Any comment ?
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    Basically, the exercise was meant for creating awareness among people by triggering discussions and debates on the issue concerned and the politicians have succeeded in their mission as even in the ISC forum we are discussing the matter.

    Practically, it may not be possible for all elected representatives to travel by bicycles. The security issues are also involved in few cases. Mayawati is a simple MP only but has been provided with Z+ security cover which involves deployment of 36 National Security Guard's Black Cats commandoes and 20 odd police guards.

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    Do they continue the same forever or just a trial to promote or highlight themselves in media?

    This is because, people of India are more brilliant than others, and they don't need any awareness at all. They just want to know how their leaders doing. Many bankers and politicians in Japan and Bangkok go to their office on bicycle. They're doing since many years and it became a practice in their country; but in our country people create jokes, newspapers post cartoons, and many carton videos will go viral on YouTube and Facebook. There will no side effect to people of our country. It is just like why to wake up a person who is sleeping consciously.

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    It is totally a fun to run by bi-cycle to office. It would be nice if they walk from home to office and return from office to home ,meeting the public enroute with a smiling face. Also they should be provided accommodation near to the assembly/Secretariat
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