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    Have you also experienced or noticed this change in the forum section?

    Recently , after the introduction of the feature of automatic locking after 15-minute, I have noticed one change.

    Sometimes after typing the thread or a response, on clicking the submit button, it is noticed that the membered concerned is logged out due to certain reason and thus the content is not posted and the login page appears. Earlier, in such cases, on clicking the back button, the previous page used to become available with the typed content fully intact and it was possible to copy the same and re-post the same after login again.

    Nowadays, by using the back button, the typed content is not becoming available.

    Have you also experienced or noticed this change in the forum section?
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    Yes Kailash, even I have faced this when I posted a response yesterday in Topic based thread when I was about to link from other threads it was logged out and the whole content I may have to re type it. Yes I agree we must be doing it in Word but I feel that as a boredom work of routine official work and I feel personal when I type it in type box of ISC.
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    What i understand that this kind of problem is faced only with Google Chrome and not with Mozilla. When you are typing in the in box and after that you post the same and due to some technical error the content was not uploaded, surely we wold like to reload again. In that case in the Chrome pages, we cannot view the previous content and thus we are missed if we are not saving. But Mozilla is saving our typed content automatically and we go the back pages the content remain in tact. Even if the power goes off in between and on switching on , the content is still available in Mozilla and for that we have to restore the last session.
    K Mohan
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    Yes, I too have experienced that, the moment when we type, it usually take me 10 to 15 minutes in typing and after I complete my typing and when I hit the submit button it takes me to the login page and then I have to do login to submit my typed words but after logging also it is not submitted so I have to go back and submit it again where I have typed the word. It was happening to me from the beginning of my journey in this site and I was thinking it might have general procedure which happens to all if we take too much time for typing, I thought that it was for our own security which happens to all members normally, so I never raised this topic. But after hearing that it was a problem which was happening now a day then I think that it should be taken very seriously by the administration and should be solved immediately.
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    Mohan Ji - I am using Chrome since long the reported issue started since last few days only. Therefore the issue appears to be not a Chrome versus Mozilla issue.

    Saroja Ji/ Babu - Logically the 15 minutes meter should start only after posting the content. I am not yet sure if the timer starts since the typing is commenced in the text box.

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    Yes, I have also noticed the same. Perhaps the changes are too fast to understand, especially for persons like me, who can only type in the computer with considerable difficulty
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    I didn't found any problem in forum posting. Actually it depends upon the system or internet downtime. It is better to make a habit of writing something on ms-word or notepad instead of writing directly on forum comment box. And, the threads get lock after 15 minutes of posting; it doesn't count timing while writing the comment.
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    Yes. I too faced such problems and I had to type the text again. I never faced such problems earlier.
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    This has nothing to do with any new features. When pressing Back button, content may not be visible again depending on your browser.

    When you submit, you may automatically get logged out if your internet connection is broken and reconnected in between. Also, sometimes we do updates on the server and that could cause the server to restart and you may get logged out.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    So my stand is correct as even webmaster Tony has said that due to browser connectivity some times we may get back pages and some times we may loose but in Mozilla the back pages do appear.
    K Mohan
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    #577485 It's good to hear from you sir (Tony John) that it was not a problem as I really got scared because now a day there are many Hackers who hack someone account like this by networking glitch.
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