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    Another possible/impossible story: Part-IV

    This is in continuation of:
    Another possible/impossible story: Part-III

    15 Corps Headquarter, Sri Nagar:

    Col. Ranbir Singh reached 15 Corps Headquarter. It is the biggest Corps of Indian Army headquartered at Sri Nagar. The total personnel employed in this Corps are more than the personnel employed by the entire Indian Navy. Col. Ranbir Singh was allotted a room in the Signals Office of the Corps. He setup his instruments in that room.

    Painstakingly Col. Ranbir Singh, along with his supporting staff, started monitoring the frequencies in which the terrorists generally talk. After 48 hours of continuous monitoring he hit the gold. He could catch that particular frequency in which the terrorists in J&K and the handlers in Pakistan were talking. Col. Singh started intercepting the messages. The handlers gave detailed instructions to the terrorists located in all the districts of Kashmir Valley regarding disbursement of weapons and money. More importantly, Col. Ranbir Singh intercepted the all-important message about how the money is being sent. He almost jumped in joy! Without wasting any time he conveyed the entire information to Lt. Gen. Chatterjee, the Signals Chief.

    At the same time, with the help of sophisticated instruments Col. Singh could easily identify the concentration of terrorists in the valley. He reported the matter to the Corps Commander (15 Corps). The Corps Commander immediately passed on the information to his five Divisional Commanders who in turn alerted their Brigade Commanders. Within six hours or so, the exact coordinates of the terrorists' concentrations and camps in the valley were identified and various Indian formations stealthily surrounded the camps of the terrorists. But no action was initiated. The tigers of Indian Army started their waiting game for the final kill.

    The sophisticated instruments could also identify the coordinates from where the messages were originating in Pakistan. The red dots of the instruments were pointing to the biggest camps jointly run by ISI and Laskhar-e-Tayeba (LeT) at Muridke in Pakistani Punjab and at Ghanisabar near Gilgit. These coordinates were fed in a mother computer located elsewhere.

    Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi:
    Two days later

    The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight to Singapore reached the IGI Airport at around 8 p.m. Only one or two passengers de-boarded at New Delhi. A trolley reached near the waiting aircraft. The cleaning and maintenance staff entered the aircraft. After cleaning the aircraft, the cleaning people got down. The good-looking young Pakistani pilot also got down from the aircraft. The pilot surreptitiously handed over an old, battered suitcase to one of the cleaning staff.

    Another beautiful air-hostess got down from the aircraft and moved towards the specific waiting room meant for the air-hostesses. She was also carrying a trolley generally used by the air-hostesses. When the air-hostess reached near the waiting hall a middle-aged, bulky woman appeared from nowhere and tripped just in front of the air-hostess. The air-hostess was impatient. She tried to pass the woman and enter the waiting hall, but the middle-aged woman started an altercation with the air-hostess blaming her for her own fall. The middle-aged lady started shouting in a shrill voice. The security personnel arrived along with some lady Constables from CISF. Without hearing anything, they told the air-hostess and the other woman to accompany them to the security room. The air-hostess vehemently protested but the lady Constables from CISF almost forcibly took her to the security room. The trolley was taken away from her.

    At the same time, the particular person who was handed over the suitcase, was intercepted by two burly Jats in CISF uniform. When the man tried to flee, one of the Jats simply hit him on his solar plexus. Immediately the man fell down and became senseless. The two Jats simply carried him along with the suitcase in the security room.

    In the beautifully planned and co-ordinated operation, around 12 million US dollars were recovered from the suitcase and the trolley.

    (.....To be concluded in the next part)
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    I read your story it is fantastic. I salute your patience for writing such a big and lengthy threads.
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    #577538: Thanks Mr. Sharma for kind appreciation! I am trying to inform people the painstaking ways anti-insurgency operations take place in the present days. It is no longer fighting with weapons. The technology is directly related to such anti-terrorist, anti-insurgency operations.
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