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    Colleges and schools are expected to turn into separate for girls in future

    Of late, we are seeing news in newspapers and televisions about the killings and harassing of girls in schools and college and even in the classrooms. It is becoming increasing day by day. One can speak boldly about the freedom etc for girls but the real loss is to the parents of both boys and girls as they are sending their children by their hard earned money and with many expectations. But these boys and girls due to infatuation, either killing other or committing suicide. Are the parents sending their children to such tragic end? The boys and girls never understand the difficulties facing by parents till they are becoming a parent. For this the trend may come in future why future, may be in the forthcoming academic year, as to have separate college/schools for girls as it was done in eariler years. There may be arguments if the separate college/schools organised the death or killing will get vanished. Not like that but the number of incidents will get reduced to a good extent.
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    Having separate colleges for boys and girls is not the solution for the problem. There are many coeducational institutions which are operating since ages without any issue involved. The problem lies in not imparting correct values to the children. As a matter of fact, the crowd is becoming unmanageable. The number of colleges, as well as, the number of students in the colleges, are ever increasing making it impossible for the teacher to keep an eye on the behaviour of each student.

    Earlier when students used to be limited, the teachers used to know each student personally and there used to be a kind of personal rapport between them. Still, there are many reputed colleges where serious students come for studies and keep themselves busy in studies related activities without finding time to indulge in other kinds of activities.

    The parents have to pay due attention to the children while raising them and inculcate right values in them. Sporadic unfortunate incidences used to occur in the past also.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Just for one or two reasons of teasing girls , there cannot be policy change as regards to proposal for separate school and college for girls exclusively in future. In the present scenario the co-educational pattern in many schools and colleges are existing and that is proving to inculcate healthy competition between boys and girls and hence performance academic wise is superlative. If the girls school and colleges are started separately, there cannot be healthy competition and the security of girl child also not ensured as the boys may always create problem after the school hour college hours and outside the school or college compound.
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    Yeah the reason is vast and strong enough to make a separate institutions for the girls and boys but does we feel that by doing this, we will really make an impact on this kind of problems, well let me say, I don't think so because if someone has fallen in love or in other if someone is infatuated to anyone, then there is nothing in this world which can stop any individual from doing love. History is the proof that many of them of died for their lover, if they don't get him, in a sense it is like a disease which will never be cured by anyone. Yeah, boys ragging over girl will be controlled only inside the institutions but what about outside who will stop them, if we come to make this kind of decisions then I think there are many things which we will have to do and some of them are like impossible things which we cannot do, it is not in our hand only. So, I will strongly oppose it but the institutions which are made for the girls from the beginning that I think shouldn't be changed.
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