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    Some important alerts as rainy season starts

    In many parts of our country the rain is started to lash in many places. The following points are to be noted very carefully by pedestrians as well vehicle drivers.

    1,Most important is to take care of children in house at first as to keep them without wet cloths.
    2.Cleaning the surrounding of our house to the possible extent without stagnant water without expecting the government.
    3.While walking on the road care should be taken in the open siphons and while walking in the flowing water as it may have open ditch in the middle
    4.Persons driving vehicles should go on the road with normal speed to avoid splashing water on the pedestrians as it may be your brother or sister or elders like your father or mother.
    5. Children can be provided with raincoat instead of umbrella as the flying or upward folding is
    possible when swirling air blows.
    6.Most important point is we should wash our legs and hands carefully immediately on
    reaching home,
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    As far as flood like situations is concerned, people may take few precautions as follows -
    1. Fill clean containers with safe drinking water. Also, ensure availability of food items which don't require cooking or refrigeration.
    2. Take care of cash, valuable documents, medical supplies and jewelry etc.
    3. Ensure availability of spare batteries, torch, flashlight etc.
    4. Disconnect electrical appliances. Don't touch them while standing in water.
    5. Keep the fuel filled in vehicles.
    6. Don't try to adopt shortcuts or unknown routes for reaching home. Follow only recommended and safe routes.
    7. Inform the family that you are safe and will try to reach home at the earliest possible without taking any undue risk even if it is very late.
    8. Don't exhaust batteries of your phone by making unnecessary calls to all and sundry.
    9. In case stranded away from the home due to disruption of traffic, try to reach the home of any relative or friend who lives nearer in case possible. Otherwise remain in a group instead of finding special routes to reach home.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thanks Mr. Pattabiraman for the very useful alerts. Indeed we must take care of these issues to avoid any unpleasant incident. However, in Delhi, monsoon is on the last legs. In September, the intensity of rain will gradually decrease.
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    Thank you for sharing some tips to be followed during rainy season and apart from that we should leave the home early so that we have to give time for the traffic snarls that are going to creep up during rainy season. Always go through the familiar route as we know the road condition and turnings. If we go through new route, there are every chances of manhole kept open and fatal accidents are possible. Before Monsoon strikes, please replace the flat tyre with new grip ones so that , the brakes would work properly and that is very important. Due to oil seepage on roads, there are every chance of skidding and hence going at slow speed recommended.
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    The advice are very much crucial for the human begins who are facing the heavy rains in their respective areas, as we all know about the road system now a day which are made for the destruction of people, the most important things which we should think before walking on a watery path is that there are many electric wires which are torn down on the path giving a huge shock which is enough to take anyone's life in a second, so be careful about that, and always wear rainy shoes while walking on the road.
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