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    Is self increasing the payment of politician justified?

    In India central government and the all the state government increase their payment and allowances as and when required. They increase 2/3 times in 10 years whereas government employees get pay hike in 10 years only once. they are looting the govt. treasury. they also should come under the purview of pay commission and the same formula should apply to their pay hike. Express your views on the topic.
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    The salary of the Cabinet Secretary will be around Rs 2,50,000 a month after implementation of the seventh Pay Commission. The salary of the MPs is much less than that.

    Since there are a number of states in India and the salaries and allowances of the MLAs varies from state to state let us consider the salary of MPs as an example. The MPs are entitled to salaries, allowances, traveling facilities, medical facilities, accommodation, telephones, etc. which are governed by the Salary, Allowances and Pension of Members of Parliament Act, 1954 and the rules framed thereunder as amended from time to time.

    The following are the changes which took place over a period of time -
    1968 - Salary Rs 400 + Rs 31 Daily Allowance
    1969 to 1985 - Salary Rs 500 + Rs 51 Daily Allowance
    Prior to 1977, there was no pension for MPs
    1985 - Salary Rs 1500
    The salary was raised to Rs. 50,000 in the year 2010 with a constituency allowance of 45,000 per month, office expenses of Rs 45,000 , stationery and postage Rs.15,000 per month etc. In addition to that,there is a daily allowance of 2,000 for each day of attending Parliament, free petrol, free telephone calls, free housing etc.

    The MPs and MLAs are people's representatives elected by them only by casting their votes. They take action regarding raising their salaries and perks in accordance with the law by amending the rules. Thus there is no illegality involved in that.

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    The answer to the question asked in this thread would be unequivocally negative. However, in this connection, I would like to remember the opposition of a three time MP from Dhanbad, Mr. A.K. Roy, to such proposals. Mr. Roy used to vehemently protest during every proposal of increase of salary of MPs during his tenure, and used to make it a point to ensure that such proposal could not get passed unanimously. He was always heckled by other MPs, including left MPs on this issue. Incidentally Mr. Roy was an MP from Marxist Coordination Committee (MCC).
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    Yes, there should be equal procedure of increasing the payment of any officials, so as to maintain equality in payment. As the author as said that the politician are increasing their payment 2/3 times in 10 years, it seems that the politicians are misusing their powers which are given to them by the people of India and a strict action should be taken against them, and a valuable answer should be demanded from them of increasing their payments so fast, and if the fault is found then they should be asked for a good penalty for this, so as to teach a good lesson for them.
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