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    What's your opinion about news channel's?

    Don't you think news channel's are becoming toooo irritating.
    News channels in all language's don't have any news now a days. They just know to enter any body's personal matter and make it as the discussion for the whole day with a person who is not at all related to him.
    One small example in the past few days in Karnataka the sandal wood star's wife had filed a case against him for the second time. That was the news that's all. But these news channel's dragged it for four to five days as a Breaking News...., even discussion's about his personal matter with his fans and other members, who don't have any idea nor right to talk. Actually I was so much irritated that when there was a live call discussion for his fans or anybody, I called them and said please stop! telecast other news and stop such discussions. My call was immediately disconnected. After that, news channel's social media site I posted many posts to all the channel to stop such a program, " because we don't have any right to interfere in any body's personal matter even if he/she is popular person". They can telecast about the village's which are still not developed and not known to the government or any interview about freedom fighters etc.. there are lots
    But Still I observe that these news channel are simply interfering any body's personal matter's. Actually they will also have personal problems which they never discuss. I feel they are more dangerous than watching mega serial's.
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    The television channels are commercial entities. They do business by opening a company. Their main source of revenue generation is through the advertisements telecasted by them which depend on the TRP. Thus the primary aim of the television channel owned by the private companies is to increase their TRP. In view of the above, they broadcast such items which increases their TRP i.e. liked by a majority of the viewers. The channels don't take into consideration any individual's likings or dislikings.

    In case any particular channel or the programs broadcasted by it is not liked by any individual, then he/she is free to change the channel and view other programs broadcasted on the other available channels.

    Regarding broadcasting the personal matters of any individual, only the individual concerned has a right to protest against the same. The viewers are the third parties which cannot protest about the same. They are also not supposed to know as to whether the news item being broadcasted is true or not as they have no access to such information.

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    Well news channel is also a business and they have to show something to earn good amount of money and audience, as now a day many competition are there in news channel as there are many news channel who wants to be at the top of the list in viewers choice. And now a day we are seeing that many news channels are showing some fiction type of story to get more amount of audience, so as to please them. Take an example of India Tv who was assuring the people that they will stop broadcasting their channel if the world will not vanish or end in the year 2012, so the news channels usually make false promises to grab audiences eyes.
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    Frankly speaking I haven't gone through news channels since more than a year. In addition, I read news from online sources and many news apps. There is a vast difference between news channels and news apps or online publishers. One can save a lot of time and energy if they go through these news apps instead of surfing news channels with lot of humour and comic presentation of TV serials, repeated incidents of an issue, etc.
    As said by the author they'll not listen to anyone as they're doing only for income. Initially newspapers and magazines put best information with less advertisement to attract the viewers/readers and later after a certain stage they too start promoting or selling news monetarily. Even small and less circulated newspapers nowadays earns huge money only from advertisement only. They don't care about news and lot spelling mistakes in their printing.

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    Well, all of it is just the money making. News channels like any other TV channels, are media houses and they only want to gain huge TRPs for their channels. This can only be achieved by showing controversial content. If there is no such content available some news channels even go to the extent of creating sensational content just for the sake of making the audience stay glued to their particular channel.

    As long as people do not shun these practices, and shun them in public (say, through, social media), I do not see any changes happening in this scenario.

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