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    Is this emancipation of Indian women?

    While returning from Office, I just witnessed an incident. A working girl of around 25 or so rudely demanded a seat from an aged person, who was obviously unwell. Although the bus was crowded, it was an AC bus and the old man was seating in a general seat (not reserved). When I protested on behalf of the old man, the girl stated that she was having difficulty in standing, so she needed the seat. Ultimately another man offered his seat to the ailing old man.

    Around 4 years ago, I had returned to Delhi after overnight journey by bus. I started for office by metro, took a general seat and being very tired was feeling sleepy. After some time, a lady boarded the metro and demanded the seat in an extremely rude manner. I gave her the seat but throughout the journey by metro, I was feeling very unwell because the lady woke me up suddenly from deep sleep.

    Are these two cases examples of emancipation of Indian women? What do other Members of ISC think in this regard?
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    I think and we all know that not every woman has this kind of attitude, yes, some of them have ego problem and I have seen this in railways women department, where I saw that the women are shouting using slang words to get the window seat. But in the same way I have also seen women who are helping in nature with good words in their mind and mouth. We cannot judge any gender with seeing only two or three examples, as the author described women are too harsh are of bad nature this shows that they are not well educated person.
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    One point of view may be that the seats in the public transport should be reserved only for old, injured, pregnant or sick women instead of for all women on the gender basis. However, there is another issue of groping etc. involved in the public transport and therefore separate seating arrangement is preferred by the women for themselves.

    The following are some of the logics which can be proffered in favor of gentlemen vacating the seats for women are as follows -
    1. To minimize the possibility of eve-teasing and physical harassment in public transport .
    2. To provide women some respite from their hectic schedule which begins in the early morning and continues till late night for attending to household work as well as at office/workplace.
    3. Medical issues like arthritis, joint pains and osteoporosis etc. are more common in middle-aged women than men.
    4. Fatigue, malaise and fainting are more common in the early months of pregnancy followed by obvious issues during the subsequent months when the pregnancy is evident with a protruding belly.
    5. Women carry infants.
    6. The distress and pain a woman passes through during the period of their menstrual cycle.
    7. Many women suffer from anemia which means lesser blood circulation in the body warranting rest.
    8. The general anatomical body framework and physiological capacity of women sometimes leads to getting breathless, nauseate, vomit or faint in a crowded.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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