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    Who is accountable for an incorrect answer posted in the ask expert section?

    Though most of the answers posted in the ask expert section are very good but those who regularly visit the section know that sometimes answers are posted by few members in a very casual manner. Since there is no such restriction, any member can choose to post an answer in respect of any question of his/her choice.

    Currently, a discussion is going on regarding the copyright of the contents posted on ISC which applies in the case of answers posted in the ask expert section also. Moreover, the answers undergo the process of scrutiny and approval by the editors before publication.

    Who is accountable for an incorrect answer posted in the ask expert section?
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    Well if the author is asking for the publication of wrong answer then I think it will surely the fault of members and editors as well. But I don't think that anybody will post wrong answer in the ask expert section as I usually see the answers were correct and If somebody finds that the answer were incorrect then I think that the editor should be known about this and the member who posted that answer, he/she should always be awake that his/her answers are incorrect and the correct answer is this as this is the learning site everyone should get the correct answer.
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    I would request the author to give the URL of one question in Ask Expert section to which a wrong answer has been posted and approved so that such practices can be checked judiciously and the accountability credited.
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    #577445 Yes, you are right if someone knows that the answer given by the member is wrong then the member who has given the wrong answer should be known about this because he/she is too in the dark and he/she too don't know the answer properly. The link of that answer will be helpful for us to know that what wrong answer he/she has given, as this site is for learning and we learn only if we do mistakes.
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    I am agree with the author as there are many cosy answers were posted instead of full and complete answering to the questions. Some points and revenue was given to answers just by educating the questioner; whereas the questioner needs the answer, not advices (other than family & life issues, opinion about, career guidance, like questions). I think the experts must give complete and full information without giving just some hints and small tips. In addition, for short or tiny answers there is no need of revenue (points can be given if needed).
    My question on this concert is whether the Ask Experts Editors are quite knowledgeable to check answers to the questions? Does the webmaster or ME appoints these editors as per their experience, qualification and skills in ISC?

    Naresh Kumar
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    Sorry to say that the intention of the author by posting such a vague thread without quoting the url is seriously doubted. Others please refrain responding to such threads in haste.

    Dear Behra, I understand you worked as Editor for Orissspider would be better knowing how an editor is appointed


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    What I feel that Ask Experts section is highly moderated and goes through various checks before getting approved. Unlike the responses given in forum and immediately approved, the answers posted in ask experts section takes time to review and get approved and that shows that every answer is scrutinized and then given approval. Therefore I cannot agree with the author incorrect answers are appearing in that section. However it would be nice to point out the wrong answer instead of making allegation against the section itself. I really appreciate the works of editors there.
    K Mohan
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    #577463 Patro Sir, Ask expert editing is completely different from Orissa spider. In there is only forum, article and job section so an editor can easily do its job. However in ask expert section the editors must need some knowledge on health, laws, education, science, etc which I think is impossible for a Editor to know all such things. I just want to know whether the ask expert editor knows about such topics or they give points and revenue as per the writing standard. Please let me clarify. It is because when I asked a question I got unsatisfactory answers by they have given points and revenue. Here is the URL:
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    I have restrained myself from posting url on this thread itself so as to not to embarrass the author publically who posted the answer. Moreover, it is not merely a question of posting incorrect answers. Sometimes, circumlocutory and even irrelevant answers are posted.

    If the editors insist, then I am ready to post url on this thread only. However, since this thread will expire after 10 days, I request the editors to suggest a platform on which I can refer such answers regularly.

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    Well instead of talking about the editor who are not eligible for seeing the ask expert answer, I think we should concentrate on that particular member who had wrote the wrong answer, so we can teach them and make them a brilliant Man so he can proudly say that whatever he learnt he learnt from this site.
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    The thread appears to be moving in an onorganised way. The best thing the thread author could have done is post the URL of the thread in which he feels a wrong answer has been posted. There is nothing like humiliating a member by bringing his or her name up publicly. As a responsible member, it is your duty to pin point the errors.

    Please note that maintaining the decorum of the site is not the responsibility that can only be handled by the editors and the team. Regular members can also lend a helping hand to the team to zero in on the errors if any. Please understand that even an expert in a particular field may not have a full knowledge of all the happenings and developments in his field. Editors, when in doubt, do conduct research to find if there are any errors in the responses posted. Blaming it squarely on them is unwarranted, rather I would request the members to pin point the errors if they happen, and the team take an appropriate action.

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    ISC is an online portal/website like many other out there. No blog is responsible for any loss/harm caused due to wrong guidance given online and there are disclaimers for these kind on things too to prevent any legal issue. Please go to this page: and read the Para: Use of the Site. Even academic books give these types of disclaimers.
    Editors are only humans and it is quite logical that they won't have knowledge about each and every subject under the sun. I feel if somebody has given a wrong answer even that would not be deleted and the later responses can debunk the earlier response but deletion should not happen.

    So coming back to a short answer to the OP of this thread - There is no one accountable for wrong answers posted in Ask Experts of ISC.

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    Please see the answer posted by the author gsadhiks on the following thread -

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I would request the author to be patient and wait for someone to die before arranging his cremation. The answer to the question referred to by the author at #577580 has not yet been reviewed and so where and what is the doubt like? And regarding posting circumlocutory and irrelevant answers (read contents) at #577501, I don't think most of us can claim exception and the author knows that very well.
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