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    UP ministers have spent Rs. 9 crores in tea and snacks!

    Rs. 8,78,12,474 have so far been spent over snacks during between March 15, 2012 when the Akhilesh Yadav government took oath and March 15, 2016, when it completed four years. The data was disclosed by the Chief Minister himself in the State Assembly. Minister of State (Independent Charge), Mr. Arun Kumar Kori was on the top of the list spening Rs. 22,93,800 during his four years as Social Welfare minister, followed by Urban Development Minister, Mr. Azam Khan, who spent Rs. 22,86,620.
    The Chief Minister, however, clarified that as per rule, a minister can spend Rs. 2,500 per day on refreshments within the state and Rs. 3,000 daily outside the state for performing his/her duties. BJP leaders have dubbed this as loot of public money.
    I am thinking if the Ministers of one State spends Rs. 9 crore in four years over tea and snacks, then how much are the Ministers of 26 States spending every year? Any Govt. can initiate a development project or a scholarship scheme for the poors with half of the amount!
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    Are their snacks and tea being prepared and imported from Mars? I don't think so, but maybe I should.

    I am no good mathematician, but the huge amounts spent seems way too indigestible. I expect a detailed response from somebody on this matter to understand how does the amount spent becomes that huge. If that's true, I guess many poor and needy people can survive well if only these ministers sacrifice their snacks for an year.

    Some other possibilities maybe that their every cup of tea has a good amount of saffron and high quality diamonds are what they have as snacks.

    Ank Arya

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    #577460: The UP ministers are officially permitted to spend Rs. 2500/- per day within the State and Rs.3000/- outside the State on tea and snacks. Who says India is a poor country?
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    That was a mind boggling figure for a common man even to imagine. This is one more clear case of misusing public money and in the name of tea and snacks, the Ministers might be having private meeting of land settlements and cases which might have benefited to them and not the public. I would request the UP CM to also release the progress report of each Minister in his cabinet , so that we can gauge whether the Ministers have spent the money wisely or for their personal benefit.
    K Mohan
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    Being based in Lucknow, the capital of the largest state of India, the Uttar Pradesh, I feel it like my moral duty to chip in my comments.

    The menu of snacks included samosa and gulab jamun also. Thus the cost per head is likely to be Rs. 25 to Rs. 30 in the normal course and Rs. 50 in special cases like the case which is under discussion.

    There are certain interesting observations. The Minister of State (Independent Charge) Aruna Kumari who topped the list was looking after 'Social Welfare' ministry. The second in the list is none other than Urban Development Minister Mohammad Azam Khan who is said to be one of the uncles of the Chief Minister. Minister for Child Development and 'Nutrition', Primary Education, Kailash Chaurasia finished a close third.

    However, the PWD Minister Shivpal Yadav who is the real uncle of the Chief Minister has spent nothing on refreshments as per data compiled by the officials.

    Generally, reason of such a huge expenditure is that a number of followers assemble almost daily or visit the ministers to pay their respect and regards and it doesn't look nice if they go without having some refreshments etc.

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    State ministers are allowed to spend 2500 INR a day on tea and snacks, and I was reading an article by an Indian girl that read how to do world tour at an expense of some 40 dollars a day for an year. I beg your forgiveness but this topic just reminds me of that article. Somehow, it relates...

    From Mr. Kumar's response #577512, it seems they were aware of that expenditure that may be done on followers and guests, hence the per day cost was set to a greater number. But, in that case, it should not come in the name of minister, I suppose. Should it?

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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