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    How confident are you of your spellings when Spell Check marks them as incorrect?

    It happens often when we are writing anything on Word program or even online, when the spell check program underlines some words, suggesting if they are incorrect. In the easiest cases, we expect such words to be our typo mistakes and let the auto-correct function replace them with the correct words.

    The Spell check function maybe configured to use English (US) or English(UK) or both dictionaries and would suggest corrections based on the same.

    But what exactly do you do or feel when the Spell check program marks your correct spellings as incorrect? Do you remain confident of your correctness or often fall in doubt for the correct spellings and grammar? Let's share our individual views and experiences on this topic.
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    I am reasonably confident regarding spelling of common words in English. As for example, just now, the 'Spellcheck' was indicating red marks under the word 'emplyability' in another post. It is again indicating wrong spelling in this response also. But as I am confident about this word, I am doing absolutely nothing. However, if I am not sure about the spelling of a word and 'Spellcheck' also indicates wrong spelling, I consult the dictionary.
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    Yes we often come across some words which are usually correct but the spell checker terms it as wrong and we should not deter with that decision. For example the word colour is the right answer as per our learning and studies. But now this word has been underlined as red and if new members are logged here, surely they would go as per spell checker right word as color. When we are habituated with the right spelling then why we should bother about spell checker right word. So having experience on rightness of some words, the authors can be rest assured that they are sharing right words with right spellings.
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    I am of the opinion that one should not rely totally on the spell check feature. It may correct a wrong spelling but the corrected word need not necessarily be the word intended by you. Again, it does not show a spelling mistake if the word is otherwise correct because it can detect only spelling mistakes. So, it won't indicate a mistake if you type 'thew' in place of 'the'. What I mean to say is that even if we have spell check or grammar check functions in place, it is always better to do a manual check and convince ourselves that there are no mistakes, at least as far as we understand.

    Partha, could you please familiarize me with the word 'emplyability'. I could not get the meaning of the same.

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    Computerized systems, at the best, can assist. They cannot substitute humans. Often, primarily due to two systems i.e. English (US) or English(UK), the individual authors have their own personalized vocabulary. They use neither chaste English (US) nor English(UK). Therefore, personal intervention is required to correct the spellings matching to one's own personal vocabulary.

    Take a typical example of 'defence' versus 'defense'. Writing the Ministry of Defence, Government of India may not be correct according to the pre-set spelling checker.

    I personally don't rely 100% on the spelling checker and often cross-check the spelling from the online dictionaries as a routine. It has become sort of a habit. Daily, I refer online dictionaries several times to satisfy myself.

    Few authors are not very fastidious about their spellings and sometimes very glaring glitches appear in their contents. They appear to be totally oblivious of their spellings. I one particular case, I have alerted the author concerned several times as the errors were so palpable, even in the keywords of the title or content.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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