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    Beware: Spurious milk is been made and marketed by mixing Palmoil, Urea and Sugar

    It is the habit of every one of us to have the milk with foam and we wont purchase inferior quality milk mixed with water. Having gauged this weakness some unscrupulous elements in Guntur district of AP , has started manufacturing spurious milk by adding Palmoil, urea and sugar with two cans of original milk and thus 10 cans of adulterated milk with lots of foam is being packed and sold in Guntur area and this has been come to light when the police suspected the quality of the milk raided the dairy farm and arrested people packing these milk. Henceforth purchase milk produced by government diaries only.
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    Wayback in the year, a report was published according to which estimated 100,000 litres of synthetic milk and 30 tonnes of 'khoya' (thickened milk) was manufactured in Delhi daily. In almost all major cities of north India, synthetic milk and milk products are manufactured on a regular basis and during the festival period, the production multiples manifold.

    According to the reports, the credit or discredit of developing synthetic milk technology goes to the milkmen of Kurukshetra in Haryana who invented it about 20 years ago and which soon spread to the adjoining states of Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh followed by the illiterate and technology resistant areas of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Orissa. Subsequently, it spread to all over India.

    Synthetic milk is manufactured by mixing urea, caustic soda, cheap cooking oil and common detergents. The cheaper varieties of the oils take place of the milk fats and the detergent powder acts as an emulsifier to mix oil in water giving the characteristic frothy appearance of the milk.Caustic soda neutralises the acidity to prevent it from turning rancid soon. Urea is added as solid-not-fat (SFN). Since the taste of such synthetic milk is disgusting, it is used for adulteration of the natural milk instead of being sold as it is.

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    Adulteration of milk is always a major problem all over India. However, as Mr. Mohan has stated, mixing urea with milk is a major criminal offence because urea is extremely harmful for human body. This adulteration may cause severe damage to the kidneys and livers of the children taking such adulterated milk. I hope Guntur District administration will take severe punitive measures against the culprits.
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    People of today's world are not leaving anything from which they can get profit and in this procedure they do lots of mistake and in that mistake many common people have to suffer from this. Now a day food is become like a business where everyone wants to have profit and to do profit they usually does wrong things, they are not even leaving the milk which cause internal problem in human being.
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    We are cheated by others in many angles but we ourselves are the reason for such cheating. In those days we are getting milk, taking as example, directly from the cow man either by collecting the milk from his house or the milk man brings the cow before our house and give the milk. But we ourselves suspect them for the purity etc., and believing the branded vendors supply of such products as much pure and these such brand fellows themselves started cheating us.

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