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    Google must accept Indianized English and also cities name in its spell checker

    When we type content in this box, surely some Indian names and cities are not recognized by the spell checker and we get red line beneath that. When Google has been mapping every inch of this globe and every city of India, then why our cities names when typed are recognized and accepted officially ? Google being a professional company must agree to this suggestion and see that all the cities and towns names of this country are updated and even some Indianized English may also be approved as those words are largely used even on the social media.
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    In such a situation, you can right click on the word, there will be an option - 'add to dictionary'. Just click on that and that city name or Indianized English word will be added to the dictionary for you. So, the next time you write that word, it would not be marked as a wrong word by Google spellchecker.

    Hope it helps!

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    I concur with the simple solution suggested by Gypsy. As a matter of fact, all of us mostly use the feature of adding words to the dictionary.

    The English language is estimated to have more than 10 lakh words. Natives of English-speaking countries know more words than the countries like India where English is learned as a second or third language. The children of age 5 in English-speaking countries generally knows about 400 to 500 words only and by the time they start going to college, their vocabulary may develop to up to 20,000 words.

    Even all the English language dictionaries don't list all the words. A very comprehensive dictionary may contain even up to 5 lakh words though the common dictionaries may have a list of only 50,000 words.

    Moreover, the vocabulary of any live language keeps on developing. After the advent of the computers and the internet, a number of new words got added in the English language e.g. the words like 'download', 'selfie', 'compact disc (CD)' and texting etc. were not known earlier.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I have a doubt - is it Google that provides the spell-check or is it a feature provided by ISC or is it the handiwork of the dictionary installed on your system?
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    When we type our Indian city name online it shows us with red underline which means that our word is incorrect, as google cannot recognise that word because of Indian origin word. Yes, we can add that particular word in our dictionary only in Ms word or any other offline software only but not in online. Yes, I advice the google crowler to recognise it because there are most of the Indian who uses these kind of words daily on internet and most of them find difficulty in writing online .
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