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    Celebration of Ganesha Chaturthi and We

    After the 11th day of Ganesha Chaturthi, Ganesh Visarjan is the ceremony at the end of festival.

    Today bank of river looks different from regular days, crowed of people dancing and singing melodies "Ganpati bappa morya agle baras tu jaldi aa"Bhajan, wearing new clothes. All over seems Smiling and Joyful faces. Whole environment is dye of Lord Ganesha. Some slum children also dancing and singing eat Modaka. Some children are stand distance of river's bank, no one can see easily when someone comes for Bappa Visarjan. They drive into the river; overcome the Statue of Ganpati, plastic flower and other material. Slowly they collect dump of many things.
    Next day all are very excited and go to school.
    In the class room when teacher entered in the class room
    All students: Good Morning Sir,
    Teacher: Good Morning,
    (After minutes) Why are you so happy?
    Raju and all: - Sir, you said to us do one noble work in a day.
    Teacher: - One by one, so
    Priya: Yesterday, we save many water creatures and try to stop water pollution.
    Teacher: How with great surprised?
    Aditya: - first you promise you don't scold us.
    Teacher: - Ok tell me in brief.
    Raju: - yesterday was Ganesh Visarjan Pooja, (little hesitate), I and Raju jump into the river the take the ganpati statue and other worship material. Pooja and Priya collect all the things in the bank of river. By that we help many water animals .you teach us that Paints, metals and other dissolves oxygen in the water is decrease .
    Teacher quite for a moment: Ok, but you hurt the feeling of many people.
    Priya: - but Sir, Vinayak is help all, not distorted and no harm the environment. He gives us clean air, water and land. Number of accessories applies on festival e.g. Artificial garlands, material, fabric are discarded and contaminated water bodies which are cause of water pollution.
    Raju :- We are also Faith in Lord Ganesha and his worship

    All :- like to eat Modak
    Teacher: ok, ok, I salute you but now we start study.

    a competitive entry for Story writing Ganesh-Chaturthi
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    A story covering an important aspect of the festivities associated with the Ganesha Chaturthi festival.
    The following are some of the facts related to the pollution caused due to immersion of idols in the rivers and other water bodies -

    1. Plaster of Paris idols may take several months in getting dissolved, unlike clay idols which get dissolved easily. The idols made of metal or plastics etc. don't dissolve in water at all. That applies to the decorative items like plastic flowers, garlands and such other materials. Several puja accessories like camphor, cloth, incense and prasad etc. also contaminate the water.

    2. The paint applied on the idols contain harmful heavy metals like lead and mercury etc. which contaminates the water bodies.

    3. The acid content of the water increases and the oxygen level of the water decreases which results in the death of the fishes and other aquatic organisms.

    Nowadays, awareness is being created about using eco-friendly idols that dissolve in the water completely. Such idols are decorated with bio-degradable materials like garlands made of natural flowers, turmeric and leaf paste etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Local governments have been making full swing arrangements to let people understand the importance of Pollution free Ganeshotsav. But sadly enough, the administration cannot make stronger rules in this regard as the matter is concerned with the religious sentiments of the public at large. It should be the duty of the educated lot to let the awareness spread within their family first. That would definitely go a long way in promoting eco friendly festivities.

    As they say, charity begins at home, let us start from our own homes rather than making suggestions to the neighbours. That is exactly what today's educated youth can do.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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