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    How to help others as possible as we can as a student?

    Being a helping person is a divine thing in this world because whatever you do for others will get back to you in other or same form. As a student I want to help others by any possible means that is affordable to me. Since childhood I am inclined towards this type of spiritual activities. I want to give back to society which gave me whatever I am today. I am doing PhD currently and I want to help others as possible as I can.

    What are the different ways in which one can help others as a student?
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    Perhaps the best way a student can help others is to help other students in studies. It can be done in many forms. The children in the neighborhood can be guided through regular tuitions or on ' as and when required' basis. Similarly, in the educational institution where the author is presently pursuing studies other research students can be helped/assisted in many ways.

    Working on ISC is also a means of helping others. The author can devote time in answering ask expert questions which are likely to help him also in turn. Developing, outstanding articles in the field of his specialization and posting the same in the ISC resources is also a related activity.

    Education is said to be the only wealth which increases/multiplies on sharing. In my personal opinion, no other activity is likely to be more useful in the case of the author than keeping himself involved with the academic activities. Education is also spiritual in nature.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Best wishes for your spiritual inclination,first.

    Helping as a student to a student is highly great thing. Not only now, it was in 1950, my paternal uncle had a close friend, named Sundaram. One day my uncle prepared for an examination by thinking that day was chemistry examination but actually on that day it was physics. The friend came to our house in the morning to fetch him for the school but on understanding my uncle wrongly prepared. He consoled him not to worry for anything and he told all important questions which he prepared while going to the school (the school was at 2 kilometer distance and they have to walk the distance daily). With that hearing only my uncle passed the paper successfully with a good marks. This was told by him to us very often to us by remembering his friend.
    Similarly my elder brother during his college second year final examination, got severe fever and by force he gone to appear for examination. I read all the lessons of important portions on the way to college and he did his examination well and passed out the paper.

    So, it is good thought of helping others. You can help final year students for preparing projects etc.,

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    There are different ways to help others. Normally we think that helping means giving cash benefit to others and getting solace from it. But other ways are also important to draw the attention of help seekers. For example if a there is sick person, reaching out to him and looking after his needs during leisure time is really a noble cause. If a child is weak in studies and giving a helping hand to learn something from your side is nothing by Vidya Dhaan. And there is one more Dhaan which is also important, and that is called Shram Dhaan. That is doing something to the society on your own thinking and that is greatly appreciated. That may be cleaning the surroundings. I have seen one great elder person who used to visit the public library daily, takes to the sweeping, cleans the books and arrange them in proper order and then sits to read the books. Everyone gets shame when he does that.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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