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    What punishment should be given to AAP Minister Sandip Kumar?

    In my opinion Sandip Kumar should be dismissed from Delhi Assembly and he should be stripped off the pensionary benefits available to Ministers. Moreover he must be banned from fighting elections for at least five years. What punishment should be given to AAP Minister Sandip Kumar?
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    The case is not subject to speculation. There is the law of the land which will take its own course. In case a criminal case is filed then the applicable sections of the IPC and other concerned laws will be applied and the case will be sent for trial in the court of law and in case he is convicted then an appropriate punishment will be announced subject to appeal in the higher court.

    Regarding the action at the political level, the concerned political party may expel him. The voters can punish him by not casting votes in his favor in case he happen to contest any election in future.

    At the personal level, he may be punished by his family, relatives and friends in the social circles. But, the social equations are not as simple as plain arithmetic making 2+2=4.

    After some time, the people will forget about the past and newer developments will take place. There is no room for being sentimental is such cases. Despite being a minister he had been as vulnerable as any other individual falling prey to the human weaknesses though of the most condemnable kind.

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    The punishment will be given as per Indian Penal Code. However, the ex-Minister has now been thrown out (I have better word to describe the position, which I can't write) of the Cabinet. Most probably, the voters will also throw him out of his Constituency in the next election.
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    Breaking news: According to some sources, sacked AAP Minister Sandeep Kumar might have made the sex tape himself.
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    We thought that AAP would be different from other parties and they would function with great enthusiasm and interest. But the way one after other cases being reported against AAP Ministers and their high leaders, it seems there is no difference between this party and other parties. If the Minister is caught on wrong foot, surely he will be stripped of his post but he is always entitled to the benefits as the member of the house. Stripping of all the perks may not be possible as he was elected representative and eligible to enjoy government salaries and perks for free and no one can strip that.
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