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    Mysterious and Memorable Ganesh Chatruthi with lifelong lessons

    [This entry wins the 2nd prize for the creative story writing contest]

    Every year It used to be the most exciting and favourite event of the year for Raj it was a festival on which his whole family used to be together since his mother was a great devotee of lord Ganesha and celebrated this festival with whole her heart and used to invite everyone.
    But this year it was different this time his mother was no more in that house and in this world. Her sudden death made everybody apart, his whole family was trying to avoid each other and made themselves busier.It was almost one and half year since her death but was still a shock and hard to accept.
    But he decided to celebrate Ganesh chaturthi in the same manner as his mother used to celebrate so he reached home earlier, called everyone to reach at the time of pooja and bought bappa home. But Seeing empty home he felt very sad and began sobbing while staring ceilings he cried loudly
    "mother you left me alone to live this life I feel very alone,I don't even know how this pooja is done other than offering modaks which you used to make, yet I have called the whole family here please tell me what should I do he began to cry loudly"
    " Bappa how could you do this to my mother she devoted her entire life in your prayers”
    Suddenly he felt something unearthly then he saw his mother was with him in reality she was there she kept her hand above his head and said
    " son this is all because of Bappa you are still seeing me, why are you crying like a little baby have I made you that weak, what happened tell me?"
    Raj: you left me alone how do you expect me to do pooja and live this life when I don't even know anything about its arrangement you once told me to carry on this festival forever as you used to do i.e, why I am here otherwise in this house I feel suffocated without your presence
    Mother: Raj bappa doesn't want anything more than prayers from true hearts. He does not gets happy because of lavish functions and extravagant things he gets happy by prayers from true hearts just like he listened your prayers.
    Remember nothing lasts forever the things which are here in this moment will not remain same forever so never cry over things which has already gone away from you but always stay ready for new starting.
    Even bappa also visits for just few days and leaves after few days but important thing is he returns ever year and listens to people’s prayer and is always with them.
    I am happy so don't get more upset for me, and get ready for pooja I will always live in your heart and every year when you will do this pooja It will give me more peace and then she become invisible in the air.
    Jai ganesh jai ganesh
    Jai ganesh deva
    Mata jaki parwati
    Pita maha deva
    Awakened by the sound of bajan Raj searched from where sound was coming, which made all lyrics rang inside Raj's mind which also have the description of offering made to the Ganesh ji. Finally he found source of this sound which was his mother's phone which was switched off from more then a year. But when he checked phone it was switched off.
    Then he bought all the things mentioned in the bajan and later celebrated festival with his whole family. Its still a mystery for him whether it was a dream or reality but whatever it was it changed his entire thought process and way of living.
    Things he learnt from his mother’s last message he will never forget- its not the offerings that matters but a prayer with truthful heart and feelings that Bappa always listens to.

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    The content was well written and I liked the ring tone which was very long and gopd that the author shared the lyrics of Jai Ganesh song as many would be interested to have it in written.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    The story contains 761 words which are more than the set maximum words limit i.e. 650.

    Regarding the contents, one of the very important lessons of life which we learn from the God Ganesha during the celebration of the Ganesha Chaturthi festival is that - nothing is permanent is the world. Even we have to part with the God Ganesha idol by immersing it in a water body at the end of the festivities.

    Perhaps the character portrayed in the story could not learn this important lesson and therefore he was becoming excessively emotional about his mother.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Kailash sir thank you for your suggestion and feedback the teaching of the festival the character in the story was unable to understand this teaching because author of the story doesn't understood this and is little bit novice to understand the teachings of festivals and mythology .
    But now I have edited the story and tried to encorporate the mesaage that " nothing lasts forever" in the speech of mother of the character and I am also trying to reduce its length .
    Thank you K.mohan sir also for feedback.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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