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    August 2016 Cash Payment Announcement

    We have announced the August 2016 Cash Payments for Editors and Members.

    To view the Cash Payment details, visit our Cash Credits page.

    Please follow the instructions to receive the payment if your name is announced for payment in the credits section.
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    Congrats to all those members who ever received the cash payment this time and I have just now uploaded my invoice for rupees 700 and hope the payment shall be effected at the earliest.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

  • #577562
    Payment invoice uploaded. Thank you webmaster.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thanks Timmy John sir, for updating payments on 1st of the month, I really salute your hard work, and congratulate my self as I have also got chance to get payment this month,. I am so much happy for this site as this site is paying regular basis, as well as on time, which does not encourage members to participate actively but also give us chance to earn extra money.

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    Actually, I am new here and I don't know about payment procedure its almost 1 month over but I didn't get any payment. Does anyone explain me why I didn't get the payment of this month, or what should I do to get the payment. As I came here to learn and earn as well.
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    Thanks Timmy sir for this monthly happy announcement.
    I have uploaded the invoice.

    #577583- Mr. Babu saroj, I checked your profile and got to know that you have earned Rs. 25/-. The minimum payment amount is Rs. 300/- - 400/- to new members (first payment), so you need to work harder and try to contribute more to get more benefits from this site.


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    Thanks Mr. Timmy John for updating payments on 1st of the month. Congratulations to all the active Members who are going to receive cash payment this month.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Babu Saroj, I can quite understand your anxiety. You are eager to earn some quick bucks, while you learn at ISC. Sure and certain you will also get your payment, but for that you will have to work hard. You have to write some good quality resources, answer ask experts questions, update information regarding schools & colleges and take active part in the discussions in the forum. Then there are numerous contests for you to participate. Once you start earning from your hard work and accumulate a neat sum in your ISC account, say some 400-500/- rupees, you will start receiving your payments, commensurate to your work, every month.
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    Congrats to all members who received cash payment for the month of Aug 16.I received Rs 400/. Payment invoice uploaded.
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    Babu Saroj - There is a minimum threshold for making/receiving payment which is Rs. 400 for first-time payment to new members. Since your current balance is only Rs. 25, you have to earn Rs. 375 more for becoming eligible to receive your payment. The procedure is as follows -

    1. Generally, on the last date of a month, an announcement thread is posted by the Webmaster Timmy M.John about the 'Revenue Share Bonus'' e.g. this thread. It was posted at the end of August 2016 but covered Revenue Share Bonus for July 2016 i.e. the previous month. Such announcement covers Revenue Share Bonus only.

    2. Generally, on a subsequent day, another announcement is made by the Webmaster Timmy M.John regarding the 'Cash Payment Announcement' like the current thread. It covers all types of earning including RSB if any. The 'instructions to receive the payment' are also included in such threads as given in the current thread also. The process begins from this stage onward . Once you notice your name in such announcement thread, you can start the further process.

    Payments are no way related to the duration of attachment with the ISC.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thanks for the members vital advice, I got your saying very clearly and now I will try to work hard to learn something from you and earn as well.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    Congratulations to all the members who are in the list of cash payment winners. I too am in the list and uploaded my invoice. Mr. Timmy John always makes sure that the payments are announced the first day of the month itself. Hats off to him!

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